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Asking plants to use carbon differently than they do now might be a hard pull for both science and Mother Nature.

Comment: Questions surround carbon sequestration

Answers are needed if markets are going to function properly

You might not think so, if the local coffee shop is your guide, but farmers think climate change is real. In fact, notes the December 2020 Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll, 58 per cent of Iowa farmers and landowners now agree that climate change is both occurring and is caused by either human activity

China buys at least eight cargoes of U.S. soybeans

China buys at least eight cargoes of U.S. soybeans

Reuters – Chinese state-owned firms bought at least eight bulk shipments of U.S. soybeans recently, or at least 480,000 tonnes, for shipment in December and January, two U.S. traders familiar with the deals said. The bulk of the sales were for shipment from Pacific Northwest ports, with the remainder due to ship from U.S. Gulf

American biofuel sector may have to rely on U.S. agriculture secretary for relief — senator

American biofuel sector may have to rely on U.S. agriculture secretary for relief — senator

Reuters – The U.S. biofuel industry may have to depend on U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue for aid assistance, Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa said August 4 after Senate Republicans unveiled a COVID-19 relief package that did not include more specific appropriations for the industry. A provision of the US$1-trillion HEALS Act, introduced by Senate Republicans in late

Unsolicited seed prompts U.S., CFIA warnings

Reuters – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is warning Americans not to plant unsolicited packages of seeds that appear to be arriving from China. States stretching from Washington to Virginia have also told residents not to put the seeds in the ground, after they arrived in the mailboxes of people who did not order

ICE canola can’t hang on to its recent gains

ICE canola can’t hang on to its recent gains

Canola traders will now turn their attention to the skies

ICE Futures canola contracts ran into resistance during the week ended June 11, repeatedly trying and failing to continue the short-covering rally that had boosted prices off of nearby lows to start the month. Intermonth spreading was a feature, accounting for heavy volumes on occasion, as traders rolled out of the nearby July contract into

Comment: U.S. soy exports to China at 16-year lows so far in 2020

Comment: U.S. soy exports to China at 16-year lows so far in 2020

With prices very competitive however, lofty total-year sales forecasts may still be attainable

Reuters – U.S. soybean exports had a dismal April performance and possibly an even worse showing in May as shipments to China remain historically low, but corn exports hit a one-year high in April and improved on those volumes last month. Soybean sales were relatively strong in May and that could continue since the U.S.

Empty shelves out of stock of pasta are pictured in a supermarket in London, England, March 6, 2020.

Fear is the price killer in commodity markets

COVID-19 | Cuts in key interest rates helped slow the declines in futures

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 coronavirus is having a tremendous effect on commodity markets. Although Canada and the United States have a mere fraction of the reported cases and deaths, fears toward COVID-19 have generated sharp losses in North American markets. There was something of a reprieve this week as the U.S. Federal Reserve

China’s recently signed trade deal with the U.S. promised to buy at least an additional US$12.5 billion worth of U.S. farm products in 2020 and at least US$19.5 billion in 2021.

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Perdue uncertain on coronavirus effects

U.S. ag secretary unsure if coronavirus will slow China’s farm imports

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said January 29 he does not know whether China’s coronavirus outbreak will upset Beijing’s pledge to radically increase purchases of American farm goods as part of the countries’ recent trade deal. The virus has cast further doubt on China’s ability to buy US$36.5 billion of U.S. agricultural goods in 2020.

Tyson Foods is pinning its hopes on growth in the Chinese market after approval was granted to export product to that country.

Tyson Foods cleared to ship poultry to China from all U.S. plants

The company expects pork and poultry shipments to grow in the wake of swine fever

Reuters – Tyson Foods has received approval from U.S. and Chinese authorities to export American poultry to China from all 36 of its U.S. processing plants and expects to begin taking orders early next year, a chief supply chain officer for the company said. U.S. chicken companies are eager to resume sales in China after

With the number of days in harvest 2019 diminishing, canola prices have had a recent lift.

As snow falls, canola market rises

Weather alone won’t sustain canola’s rally for long

An early winter storm on the western Prairies and persistent cool and wet conditions to the east put the brakes on harvest operations during the first few days of October, with canola futures finding some support on the back of adverse weather. After holding within a sideways trading range for the past three months, the