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Bayer crop unit apologizes to farmers after Twitter gaffe

Chicago | Reuters –– Bayer AG’s crop science division apologized on Monday for a tweet that suggested reduced meat demand could benefit the environment, in a bid to appease outraged farmers who buy the company’s seeds and chemicals. The tweet, published on the official Bayer CropScience (@Bayer4crops) account on Sunday, linked to a article

Karen Burton

Social media — use it, but have a plan

Communication specialist provides advice on how to create a social media presence

Being a part of the online community is no longer a choice if you want to be relevant in today’s business world, says Karen Burton, marketing and communication co-ordinator with the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba. “It is not a matter of if you should be on social media, you have to be on social media.

This ‘I heart bacon’ photo was among many pro-pork images on the Twitterverse last week.

Pro-bacon backlash on social media

Negative tweets on the WHO recommendations outnumbers positive ones by more than 6.5 to 1

Bacon lovers took to social media last week to express disdain over a World Health Organization report that said processed meat is likely to cause cancer. The hashtags #FreeBacon, #Bacongeddon and #JeSuisBacon were among the top-trending topics worldwide on Twitter for a second straight day last Wednesday. Celebrities, politicians and ordinary consumers were reacting to

Farm managers seek a few good aggies for awards

Farm managers seek a few good aggies for awards

Agriculture students may be eligible for financial encouragement to improve their communication, critical thinking and leadership skills through Farm Management Canada’s national awards program. FMC and the Canadian Association of Diploma in Agriculture Programs (CADAP) recently opened the 2015-16 edition of their Excellence Award for Agricultural Students, with a top prize of $1,500. The awards

Using Twitter to promote a safe harvest

Syngenta will be sharing daily harvest safety tips on Twitter using the hashtag #SafeHarvest from August 1 to October 31. The tweets will include links to farm safety videos, articles and websites. The company is asking farmers to consider retweeting these safety messages to your fellow farmers. “Social media such as Twitter provides an excellent

Recipe Box

Where do you get your recipes?

Prairie Fare: Reduced-Fat Morning Glory Muffins

Let’s starting cooking!” I said with enthusiasm to my daughter. “Mom, what’s the difference between cooking and baking?” my 11-year-old daughter asked. We were about to bake some bread, so I think she was associating cookies and breads with baking. My husband chuckled when he saw me wrinkling my brow and pondering her question. Is

Farm women’s conference focuses on tech skills, info technology

The Manitoba farm women’s conference has become a deep tradition in Manitoba, with a second generation now sending their daughters. That’s because it’s stayed true to its role providing networking opportunities and resources rural and farm women need, say conference attendees. Tracy Chappell, who farms and runs a seed company with her husband at Hamiota,

The rise of Twitter and other modern mysteries

One of the great mysteries of the modern world has to be how a company like Twitter, a micro-blogging medium built around delivering short bursts of inconsequential information, can attract a value of $25 billion in its initial stock offering when the company hasn’t turned a profit since it was formed seven years ago —

Larger farms face five per cent EU subsidy cut for 2013

Reuters / Farmers who receive more than 5,000 euros a year in European Union subsidies will see payments above that level cut by five per cent this year, to bring farm spending in line with proposed EU budget cuts. The European Commission will propose the move after its forecasts showed that farm subsidies for 2013,

What’s in a catchy phrase? Plenty if the term is ‘pink slime’

Lawyers for Beef Products Inc. say ABC’s characterization of lean finely textured beef made it 
sound vile, but network says it’s an accurate term for a thick, slippery substance

A year ago, Beef Products Inc. had four state-of-the art plants, more than 1,300 employees and was expanding aggressively. The meat company was the leading maker of “lean finely textured beef,” a low-fat product made from chunks of beef, including trimmings, and exposed to tiny bursts of ammonium hydroxide to kill E. coli and other