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A mass planting of canna “Tropicana” provides vivid color. As some blooms fade, others are produced all summer to replace them.

Time to get those canna tubers out of storage

If you want to get the most out of them this summer, they should be started in early April

It’s time! If you are going to get the most out of your cannas this growing season, you should be getting them out of storage and planted in damp soilless mix to ensure that they are a good size by planting-out time. If the tubers have been stored in a cool, dark place for the

Glossary of garden terms

As we look through those seed catalogues and plan for a new season, here’s a list of terms to brush up on: Acidic soil: has a pH below seven, typical of clay soils. Azaleas, camellias, dogwoods and roses like acidic soils. Alkaline soil: has a pH of seven or higher. Annual plant: lives one year

Give Cannas A Head Start

In the past I used to grow cannas and I was often disappointed in the fall when frost arrived in early September – or in some years when we lived in Birtle, Manitoba in late August – and froze the cannas just as they were coming into bloom. It was so disheartening to have grown

Never Too Early To Think Gardening

Early-spring bedding plants can be successfully grown indoors by using artificial light sources. The initial decisions of choosing lights and temperature may appear complicated but don’t be discouraged. After selecting a few basic lights, the remaining steps develop into an enjoyable “learn-as-you-go” experience, similar to most garden ventures. Artificial lighting comes in a mixture of

Grow a gloxinia this winter

Gloxinia bulbs usually become available in garden centres in late winter, so that they can be planted to produce bloom from late May until well into the summer. These tubers can be kept over from year to year, and in fact there are reports of 50-year-old tubers still being in the possession of their owners