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Potted evergreens can be slipped out of their pots and planted in the ground for the winter.

Wintering trees and shrubs grown in containers

Try these ideas and maybe you won’t have to purchase new plants next year

My wife and I went on a garden tour in Winnipeg this past summer and we saw just how popular the practice of growing trees and shrubs in containers has become — many of them grown as standards. Such plants are not inexpensive, particularly when many of the standards had woven stems and were quite

Conical blue junipers and vertical Karl Forrester feather reed grass serve as anchors, adding variety in this mixed border.

Using ‘anchors’ in the garden

These features will hold the look of a landscape together and provide substance

In landscaping, the term anchor means a feature in the landscape that holds it down, holds it together, and provides form and substance. Anchors provide a framework for the other elements of the garden. If all the plants are about the same size, the landscape becomes boring; there is a lack of structure; and there

Al and Johanna McLauchlan operate a family-owned business north of The Pas producing birch syrup and other value-added forest-derived products.

Northern business owners share startup story

Al and Johanna McLauchlan built a successful company tapping birch trees — and consumer interest in natural foods

It all began with a half a cup. That’s how much syrup Alan and Johanna McLauchlan produced back in 2004 when they tried tapping a few birch trees for the first time. It would ultimately lead the couple, who lives about an hour’s drive north of The Pas, to found their own company and produce

Cedars, particularly recently planted trees, should be thoroughly watered before winter 
sets in.

Prepare evergreens for the winter

Evergreens behave differently than deciduous trees so need special care

There are essential tasks to do before winter arrives if our gardens are to be in good shape in the spring. Some of the most important features in many landscapes are the evergreen trees and shrubs that add beauty, not only during the growing season but during the winter months as well. Because evergreens are

Jakobi Maendel, five, loves to help gather the sap. 

Maple syrup ritual spurs childhood memories

When my sister makes maple syrup every spring, she also recreates treasured memories from my childhood

Every spring a corner of our backyard is transformed into a scene that could be from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books. Two columns of bricks create a makeshift stove, over which giant rectangular pans sit atop a steel table-like structure. Barrels of scrap hardwood, collected throughout winter at our carpenter shop especially for this,

The value of trees

On bitterly cold and blustery winter days on the farm, there wasn’t much by way of trees to block our view of those fiery red sunsets framed by sundogs over the drifting snow. It’s a view I am glad I experienced. But as beautiful as it was, it’s not a view I miss. We grew

Nothing standard about a standard

There has been an explosion in the development and marketing of shrubs and trees grown as standards in the last several years. A standard is simply a shrub or tree grown on a single stem and not allowed to get more than a couple of metres high. Usually the top part is grafted to a

How To Care For Ice-Damaged Trees

It’s hard to really appreciate the damage ice causes to trees until you’ve experienced a heavy ice storm. Fortunately, major ice storms don’t occur on a regular basis. The trees that normally take the brunt of the damage – Chinese and Siberian elms, poplars, silver maples, birches and willows – all have brittle wood and

Ficus — A Tree For The Indoors

The ficus tree is a mainstay of many interior landscapes, especially those in malls and larger public buildings where they are often positioned under skylights to ensure they receive enough sunlight. They can be used in houses where there is space to accommodate them. Ficus (fig) trees like bright light and when grown indoors will

Late Fall Could Affect Health Of Trees

Acool summer and unusually late fall may have affected Manitoba’s largest perennial crop: trees. Leaves stayed green far longer than usual this year and some scientists suggest trees may go into winter in a weakened state as a result. It was common last week to see trees still with green leaves, which would normally have