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Once animals have been loaded onto the level trailer surface, hydraulic lifts raise the animals into a locked position.

Livestock transport company testing new trailer design

Prototype will be tested for six to 12 months

One of North America’s largest commercial livestock carriers recently unveiled a new trailer that may revolutionize the future of livestock transportation. Steve’s livestock transport, which transports more than 2,500 head of cattle and 150,000 pigs throughout North America weekly, has partnered with Wilson Trailer Company of Sioux City, Iowa, to develop an all-aluminum hydraulic lift

Horses tend to prefer travelling diagonally in a trailer, but most important is giving them adequate space to properly balance themselves while travelling.  photo: thinkstock

Reducing risk of injury or sickness when trailering horses

You can minimize the level of stress by practising horse-trailering skills well ahead of when it’s necessary

A trailer ride is a formidable undertaking for a horse, as it is in strong contradiction to their inherent nature. Acceptance of loading into the trailer, travelling calmly and unloading quietly from the trailer requires mental preparation and conditioning of the horse. Horses that are properly prepared mentally for trailering arrive at their destination with

Animal stress affects meat quality

Quality pork depends on a lot of factors, among them is how pigs are transported to the slaughterhouse. Yolande Seddon and other researchers at the Prairie Swine Centre have been investigating the causes of swine stress during transportation and notes the Prairies have some particular transportation challenges to overcome. “We know there are very challenging

Pork Industry Innovators Recognized

The winners of this year’s F.X. Aherne Prize for Innovative Pork Production at the recent Banff Pork Seminar include Jules Poiron and Warren Toles of Manitoba-based AcuShot Inc. and Steve Brandt of Steve’s Livestock Transport. “The innovations developed by each of this year’s award winners are important contributions to the pork production industry,” says Ruurd

Changes To Trailers Will Improve Animal Welfare

A Blumenort livestock transport company has designed a trailer that could improve conditions for travelling hogs. The trailer allows for more space to be utilized for the animals and a new system for regulating temperature. No other livestock trailer in North America provides all of this, a release from Steve’s Livestock says. “It took a

Agri-Mart Outlets Rebranded – for Sep. 9, 2010

Horizon Livestock and Poultry Supply is the new name for the three Agri-Mart Livestock and Poultry Products outlets in Steinbach, Niverville and St. Boniface. “With the new Horizon brand, we can now bring greater coverage, product offering, value pricing and reach to the Manitoba livestock industry,” said general manager Dan Brewin in announcing the change

Inspect Stock Trailers Before Transporting Cattle

“Strive to get the cattle to the destination in the safest manner possible for you and for them.” – CARL DAHLEN With spring work winding down in many areas, beef producers are starting to bring cattle out to summer pastures. For producers who don’t pasture cattle close to home or don’t herd their cattle cross-country

Trailers Grain Trailers

3 NEW 2010 JET grain trailers, 2-40-ft air ride, 1 38-ft. spring ride, at special prices while they last. 2007 Wilson, tandems, 78-in. sides x42-ft. long alum wheels, fresh safety 80% rubber, $35,000. 2007 Wilson 45-ft. x96-in. x102 w/80% rubber alum wheels hopper vibrators, $36,000. 2004 Lode King Prestige open end, super b, fully loaded,