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Weather school: A last look at tornadoes

The weather computer has called for 'kite-flying weather' nearly every day lately

As we move into summer across Manitoba, thunderstorms and, in particular, severe thunderstorms have begun to rear their ugly heads. This week we’ll look at tornadoes, but instead of me rambling on and giving you a technical breakdown of tornadoes — how they form, what to look for, safety, et cetera — I am going to use a series of amazing

Weather school: Funnel clouds and tornadoes

There needs to be a pool of cold air aloft before a cold air funnel can form

This time we’ll continue our look at severe thunderstorms, and specifically, the most deadly part: tornadoes. Before diving into this, there are a couple of weather stories I have to touch on. First, tied into our discussion on thunderstorms, a stalled frontal system across southeastern Manitoba from June 6 to 8 allowed for several rounds of thunderstorms to

“Funnel clouds are generally very weak and short-lived and will rarely become strong enough or last long enough to touch down.”

Is that a cold air funnel or a tornado?

Super cell thunderstorms, from which tornadoes usually develop, are tough to predict

In this article, we continue our look at severe thunderstorms, and specifically the most deadly part: tornadoes. What are tornadoes and how do they form? A classic definition of a tornado is a violently rotating column of air that extends from a thunderstorm to the ground, and which may or may not be visible as

Hurricane Florence and Ottawa’s tornadoes

For heaviest tropical-storm rain in that part of the U.S., Florence now holds the record

OK, OK — I’ll take the blame for our weather turning cold! As my family has so nicely pointed out, I jinxed it when I talked about how long the growing season has been and that we might be able to pull off a record-long season. Then, a couple of days later, what happens? Southern

Bezte: How do tornadoes form?

In our peak tornado months, cold air remains close by for severe storm development

For this article I thought it was time that we continue our look at severe thunderstorms, and specifically the deadliest part: tornadoes. The word tornado for most people brings about a feeling of awe and even a little fear. Unless you have already witnessed a tornado firsthand, many who are interested in weather secretly wish

A lot of severe summer weather in 2016

Manitoba, in an unusual twist, topped Alberta for the number of severe hail events in 2016

With the beginning of a new year comes the usual list of top 10 things about the previous year, and in the category of weather, this really appears to be the case. There are the top 10 Prairie weather stories, top 10 Canadian weather stories, and the top 10 world weather stories, which often tend

The Raynor’s farmland was completely dishevelled and a number of out buildings were destroyed.

Tornado among several storm events in the southwest

Two rural properties took the brunt of Manitoba's most recent violent weather episode

Displaced bales, crushed crops and chunks of metal scatter fields in the southwest as the area recovers from one of Manitoba’s largest tornadoes in recent years. A low-pressure system that moved in from Montana sparked the extreme weather, which also doused the Virden area with nearly 75 mm of rain. Quarter-sized hail was also reported

Looking at severe summer weather

Usually around this time of the year my mind turns to summer and summer weather. In particular, I start to think about thunderstorms and severe summer weather. This year, with the summer-in-March weather pattern, we saw some really early thunderstorms, but with the cooler April weather pattern things have settled down. Now, I don’t want

Time To Think About Severe Weather

Last issue we began our look into severe weather and ended our discussion by introducing tornadoes. Over the last week there have been several outbreaks of severe weather over central and eastern parts of the U.S., with dozens of tornadoes reported and nearly 50 people killed. While this is still well to our south, it