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Chemical enters at the end of the boom before flowing through the nozzles and back towards the tank.

Breaking down the recirculating sprayer boom

Non-profit Sprayers 101 demonstrates the concept and benefits of a recirculating sprayer system

Looking at the back of a modern sprayer the pile of hoses and valves in a traditional plumbing system can seem complicated, and even more so when you start to look at recirculating sprayer booms. Hoping to mitigate that confusion, Dr. Tom Wolf and Dr. Jason Deveau have “Everything you never wanted to know about

The back side of a standard New Holland boom retrofitted with the WEED-IT Quadro. Retailer Croplands Equipment sells the Quadro in either a retrofit kit which allows it to be installed on most types of existing sprayer booms or as a120-foot Millennium boom.

Smart sprayer tech developing quickly

This technology isn’t quite a done deal yet, but it’s now more science fact than fiction

Producers have been hearing about weed-targeting spot-spraying sensors for some time, but it’s always seemed to be the stuff of science fiction. In some cases, however, the future is now while in others it’s coming quickly — it all depends on the type of sensor tech you’re interested in. Well-known spraying expert Tom Wolf separates precision spot-spraying tech into

Spray specialist Tom Wolf of Sprayers 101 helps demonstrate the WEEDit system this July, using water- sensitive pads laid on the ground to show droplet placement.

Adding some IQ to smart spraying

Weeds are in for some one-on-one attention with the latest spot-spraying tech coming down the pipe

It looks like something out of science fiction. Above a Saskatchewan field, a line of drones rises in formation, sensors primed to pick out enemy targets below. But this isn’t the latest Terminator movie. This is Daniel McCann’s brainchild for green-on-green spot spraying, an offshoot of precision spraying that promises to identify and take out

“We’ve actually sent people out into fields with cameras in Saskatchewan and Alberta and Manitoba to actually capture the weeds and crops that are growing right here.” – Daniel McCann,

Smart spot spraying still has a way to go

Farmers need to be 100 per cent confident these new technologies will work when they hit the field

Like any developing technology, spot-spraying systems are far from perfect. In a Manitoba demonstration this July, attendees noted that the WEEDit system missed some smaller weeds during a single pass. That could be addresses by adjusting sensor sensitivity or by turning on “dual mode,” which sprays a constant quarter-rate to take care of less hardy

VIDEO: WEEDit takes to the field at Crops-A-Palooza

VIDEO: WEEDit takes to the field at Crops-A-Palooza

Tom Wolf of Sprayers 101 and Jesper Voois explain how the spot sprayer targets individual weeds

At Crops-A-Palooza in Carberry on July 24, Tom Wolf of Sprayers 101 spoke about the possible in crop use of WEEDit, although the green on brown technology is largely used for burn off, since it doesn’t differentiate between the green of a crop and green of the weeds. Jesper Voois, product specialist with Rometron, goes

Tom Wolf, co-founder of Agrimetrix and Sprayers 101, models the importance of sprayer cleaning to avoid accidental application of canola-unfriendly chemicals.

Tank cleaning key to avoid Group 2 herbicide injury in canola

Agrimetrix co-founder Tom Wolf explores how a clean spray tank can curb unintentional damage in the field

It may take a concentration less than 1/250th for Group 2 herbicides to start damaging canola, according to sprayer specialist Tom Wolf. “That’s quite a dilute mixture,” he said. “You’d never think it would do anything.” Wolf was one of many presenters at Canolapalooza 2017, held in Portage la Prairie June 22. Group 2 herbicides

Chris Hawkins, managing director of AgChemExpert displays the plaque he was awarded after earning first place in the 2015 Inventor’s Showcase at the Manitoba Ag Days.

Inventor’s Showcase front-runners focus on streamlining farm operations

Manitoba Ag Day’s Inventor’s Showcase highlighted 
emerging technology

Two technology-integrated farming tools earned the top spots in the annual Inventor’s Showcase at the 2015 Manitoba Ag Days. The Inventor’s Showcase, which is sponsored by the Manitoba Co-operator, is an annual feature at the trade show and is designed to encourage the development of products that are geared to assist in farm operations. A