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Oak Lake Sandhills a biodiversity hot spot

Although few people have heard about it, the Oak Lake Sandhills and Wetlands Natural Area is one of the most fragile and valuable natural landscapes in the entire province. Now a local family has permanently protected a portion of this diverse habitat. “I like to protect nature,” said Tim Mowez, a Virden resident and landowner.

Fort Ellice site sold to Nature Conservancy of Canada

The historic Fort Ellice site and 3,500 acres of farmland owned by Arthur and Christine Fouillard of St. Lazare has been sold to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). Kevin Teneycke, Brandon-based director of conservation for NCC, said that property was acquired in late June. Now known as the HBC Reserve, the parcel near St.

Couple protects property through NCC

The “privacy” signs on the gates belie the friendly and welcoming couple whose acreage is just south of Stuart Lake in the Rural Municipality of Park. Fred and Karen Crivea live on their 39-acre hobby farm surrounded by their horses, kittens, rabbits and dogs. Like many of us who live rurally, the Criveas cherish the

The value of natural capital

It’s hard to imagine that just one year ago, many areas of the province still had too much moisture. True, some farmers, such as those along the Assiniboine River downstream of the Shellmouth Dam are still suffering from too much water. But the story for the rest of the province this year is all about

Couple Partners With NCC To Protect Land

for Nature conservancy of canada A recently erected fieldstone cairn is a monument to the family of Joe and Natalie Kucher and commemorates the history of and contributions made by their family in the Onanole area. Joe Kucher immigrated to Canada from Bohemia (now Austria and the Czech Republic) and together, in 1920, he and

Inglis-Area Farmer Preserves Land In Its Natural State

Future generations will be able to appreciate the beautiful landscape and varied wildlife in this area northwest of Riding Mountain National Park, thanks to a partnership between the Nature Conservancy of Canada and a retired Inglis-area cattle producer. Protecting the habitat in the Riding Mountain Aspen Parkland is important for future generations, according to the

Two-Day Nature Conservancy Event

A beautiful and ecologically significant parcel of land was the educational site for a group of 16 students from Rossburn High School last month. They were there to further their knowledge in both the Outdoor Education and Land Management and Water Resources courses in which they are registered. The Nature Conservancy of Canada-owned land is

Everything That Slithers, Hops, Flies And Flowers Gets Counted

Volunteers are the backbone of all successful conservation agencies and the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is a good example, as demonstrated during a conservation volunteer (CV) event held at the Yellow Quill Prairie Preserve. “They counted and identified everything that slithered, hopped, burrowed, flew or flowered,” said Cathy Shaluk, communications and outreach co-ordinator for

Brazil Soy Growers Fear Green Backlash, Plant Trees

Soybean farmer Clovis Cortezia has started replanting native rainforest trees on his farm to meet demands of international buyers keen to be environmentally responsible. Like other growers in Brazil’s No. 1 soy-producing state Mato Grosso, Cortezia started replanting trees native to Brazil’s centre-west savanna in 2007 on 4.6 hectares of his 8,000-hectare farm in Lucas