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Fishhooks Plant is an attractive trailing succulent.

Getting to know the Senecio plant family

It’s a large one with approximately 100 succulent types in the genus

Sometimes I come across an unfamiliar plant and become so intrigued by it that I go home and research it. This happened last fall when I saw a display of Fishhooks Plant in a local garden centre. Fishhooks Plant is its common name; its botanical name is Senecio radicans. It belongs to a huge plant

The peperomia I rescued has attractive pure-green leaves.

Growing a peperomia plant

Peperomias are a great addition to an indoor plant collection and are easily propagated from cuttings

I rescued a little plant this spring. The local horticultural society had a sale and someone had donated a plant — the person had filled a Styrofoam cup with soil and stuck in three small slips of a green plant. They were quite wilted and not surprisingly did not sell, so I brought the cup

Siblings Shea and Mishaeli Doherty are part of the family that specialized into succulents and today operate Our Farm Greenhouse near Portage la Prairie.

Success with succulents

Our Farm Greenhouse nursery at Portage la Prairie specializes in succulents selling 500 different 
types of the drought-hardy plant retail and wholesale across Manitoba, Ontario and points west

Shea Doherty remembers the weird-looking plant his mom and dad ordered for their fledgling greenhouse business when he was a kid. It was a Mexican Hat-type of succulent with whorled, fleshy leaves. He and his siblings promptly dubbed it their ‘T. Rex’ plant — and were fascinated by it. What they didn’t know then was

Interesting and unique gasteria

Gasteria plants are succulents — a term applied to plants that have the ability to hold large amounts of water in their tissues. They belong to a number of different plant families and within each plant family are a number of genera and within each genus are many species. The genus gasteria belongs to the

Brighten up with a kalanchoe

During the winter many folks like to purchase a bright, flowering plant to add a bit of cheer and colour to the indoors of their own homes or those of shut-ins and friends. Many of these are what I call “disposable” plants in that they are inexpensive, so many people enjoy their beauty while it

Peace Garden Conservatory

Prairie winters can seem interminable, particularly to gardeners who long for spring to arrive so that outdoor gardening can commence once more. Some folks have become snowbirds and do experience balmy outdoor weather during the winter months — many able to stroll through desert landscapes designed in the popular “southwest” style. Even if you do

Growing Cacti And Succulents

A cacti or succulent should never have to endure sodden soil. I always know that spring is coming when my cacti and succulent plants, spurred on by the increasing length of daylight in my sunroom, begin to bloom. I have a large collection of cacti and succulents and although I enjoy their unique beauty year