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Forecast: Warm, humid, chance of thunderstorms

Covering the period from July 29 to August 5

Overall, the weather models seem to have a pretty good handle on the general weather pattern across our region. The last forecast worked out pretty well, with the usual differences in some of the timings of systems, and as always it can be difficult to predict just when or where thunderstorms will develop. For this

Heavy rains battered parts of southwestern Manitoba in late June and early July, but so far that hasn’t meant a flood of crop insurance claims.

Southwest storm generates few crop insurance claims so far

More could be filed once farmers have a better handle on their losses

Heavy rains that struck parts of southwestern Manitoba June 28 to July 2 have resulted in just “a handful of crop insurance claims” as of July 9. “Nothing earth shattering,” David Koroscil, manager of claim services with the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC), said in an interview. “That might change in time.” Areas north of Brandon and

Fields north of Brandon still show significant standing water and the first hints of crop damage a week after rainfalls that locals counted in the inches.

Sky high demand for aerial sprayers after flood

A significant number of producers were calling in air strikes after 200 millimetres of rain kept their own sprayers out of the field

The same storms that put parts of Westman underwater early this month also had aerial applicators scrambling to keep up with demand. Planes from Westman Aerial Spraying had little downtime in early July. Barry Cooper, business to business operations manager with Heritage Co-op, says they have seen more demand than there are planes available to

Fast running waters replace what was an approach just north of Brandon following intense thunderstorms that brought torrential rains.

After two major storms, Westman farmers are surveying the damage

Torrential rains last week plunged western municipalities 
into states of emergency as flooding wreaked havoc

For Ryan Niven of Rapid City, the overrunning roads, acres upon acres of flooded crops and states of emergency popping up across the region felt a lot like 2014 all over again. “Fortunately, we’re done spraying, so we’re not out trying to make a bunch of ruts right now, but I would say, infrastructure-wise, there’s

ICE weekly outlook: Canola stronger after Canada Day

MarketsFarm — Canola contracts have made small gains this week after pausing on Wednesday for Canada Day. As the July canola contract has expired, attention turns to new-crop contracts. Areas of the Prairies have received significant rain lately, with flood warnings and high water advisories across southwestern and western Manitoba after several consecutive storms. It’s

Weather school: A last look at tornadoes

The weather computer has called for 'kite-flying weather' nearly every day lately

As we move into summer across Manitoba, thunderstorms and, in particular, severe thunderstorms have begun to rear their ugly heads. This week we’ll look at tornadoes, but instead of me rambling on and giving you a technical breakdown of tornadoes — how they form, what to look for, safety, et cetera — I am going to use a series of amazing

Weather school: Funnel clouds and tornadoes

There needs to be a pool of cold air aloft before a cold air funnel can form

This time we’ll continue our look at severe thunderstorms, and specifically, the most deadly part: tornadoes. Before diving into this, there are a couple of weather stories I have to touch on. First, tied into our discussion on thunderstorms, a stalled frontal system across southeastern Manitoba from June 6 to 8 allowed for several rounds of thunderstorms to

It’s believed that when rotating columns of air get squeezed into a narrower shape, wind speeds increase, eventually producing a tornado.

Weather School: What makes storms severe?

Much of our summer rainfall is from typical, rather than severe, thunderstorms

A couple of weeks ago we talked about what it takes to form severe thunderstorms: heat, humidity, lift, and some way to vent the air at the top of the storm. This time we’ll take a look at what takes a severe thunderstorm and turns it into a thunderstorm to truly remember, or maybe forget.

The more water vapour there is in the air, the more potential energy exists to help a 
thunderstorm develop.

Weather school: What creates a thunderstorm?

A large difference in temperature between two areas is needed for a storm to form

It’s thunderstorm season, and while we haven’t seen any big storms so far this year, the heat seems to have moved in, so it is only a matter of time! We are going to begin with the same issue I bring up every year, which is how people mix up weather watches and weather warnings. Basically, when we