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Brazil Farmers Return To School To Keep Their Edge

The global commodities boom and tougher competition are pushing more and more Brazilian farmers to take business degrees, even though some of them barely graduated from high school. Firms offering MBAs say they have seen a surge in demand from Brazil s rural areas and they are now offering programs across the vast interior, far

Environmental Laws Reshaping Face Of Brazil Farming

Laws designed to limit deforestation in Brazil will increase the need for more intensive farming and ranching to keep up with rising world demand for food, the governor of Brazil’s largest agricultural state said Nov. 5. “It’s not going to be easy because we are not clearing more land in Brazil for agricultural purposes so

Brazil To Debut Rust-Resistant Soy

Brazil is set to begin commercial planting of a soybean variety with a gene that makes it resistant to the devastating Asian rust fungus, which is beginning to develop tolerance to conventional fungicides. Local growers could markedly reduce production costs if the new variety, which was developed by the Fundacao MT in Brazil’s No. 1