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Violife’s vegan cheese-substitute lines include cheddar-style slices. (

Becel maker Upfield to relocate Ontario plant

Company to make vegan cheese substitutes, other spreads at Brantford

The maker of Becel margarine, Imperial spreads and, most recently, vegan near-cheese Violife plans to boost its Canadian manufacturing capacity with a move from Toronto to Brantford, Ont. The Canadian arm of Amsterdam-based Upfield said Wednesday it has bought a 164,000-square foot industrial building at Brantford and “brings a significant investment involving the purchase of

Butter vs. margarine

Butter and margarine — are they good or bad? The relative healthfulness of butter versus margarine has been an ongoing controversy. It has started many debates by nutrition scientists in laboratories and consumers in grocery stores. Butter has a long history dating to ancient times. Rationed during the Second World War, butter was such a

High Maize Costs To Boost Foie Gras Prices

French foie gras prices could swell this year due to a surge in maize prices but the increase should have little impact on sales and exports which continued to rise last year, producers said. Foie gras makers association CIFOG said half of French households had bought foie gras in 2010 and that sales had risen

Recipe Swap A Fruit Pickers’ Must-Have

Swap readers may recall a request on these pages awhile back for recipes using wild fruits. It came from Frieda Martens of Winnipeg who, inspired by her recollections of wild fruits enjoyed as a child, was preparing a cookbook. This spring she has published Precious Wild Berries,a 123-page ring-coil recipe book containing 80 wonderful recipes,

Europeans to rethink fresh produce standards

EU regulators hope to consider ways to prevent “non-standard” farm produce like pockmarked carrots, dirty leeks and unripe apples from being thrown away – and sold to consumers instead. The European Union has a raft of regulations to define farm products, setting down minimum standards, sizes and categories. Since a lot of produce taken from