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One in seven Manitoba households experience food insecurity, according to Food Matters Manitoba.

Video series busts hunger myths

The short, educational videos tell individual stories of food insecurity, and offer solutions

A new video series seeks to bust myths about Manitobans facing food insecurity while highlighting causes and solutions. “The release of these videos could not be timelier,” said Rob Moquin, executive director of Food Matters Manitoba in a news release. “Even before the current COVID-19 crisis, food insecurity among Manitoba’s families was on the rise,” he added.

Editor’s Take: Winds of change

The question that landed with a gentle thud on the virtual meeting table during a conference call of Glacier FarmMedia editors this week was a good one: “Isn’t the real question not ‘What’s going to change?’ but rather ‘What should change?’” The topic at hand had been how our publications group will cover the myriad

In the face of lower birth rates among Canadians, the country’s growing population is the result of increased immigration.

Global population to decline after peaking by 2050

Writer John Ibbitson says population predictions have been overblown

To Canadian journalist and author John Ibbitson, global population growth has been slowing for some time, and it likely won’t hit the 11 billion people by 2050 as envisioned by the United Nations. Ibbitson explained his take on the world’s population at the 37th annual Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) general meeting in Winnipeg on Feb. 5. As the author of Empty Planet, which

A speaker at the recent CropConnect conference in Winnipeg says one changing demographic isn’t getting enough attention.

Editorial: Feeding a hungry world? Yes, but…

A senior executive of the largest social research company in the world is cutting a wide swath through the rhetoric pushing farmers to keep ramping up production to feed a hungry world. “It’s all nonsense,” Darrell Bricker told the farmers attending CropConnect 2020 in Winnipeg. The CEO of IPSOS public affairs has written two books

A global study shows the advancement of women in agriculture worldwide but more work is needed to close the gender gap.

Women in agriculture say barriers to equality persist

A 17-country study conducted by Corteva Agriscience shows most respondents report progress toward gender equality, but cite key actions needed to remove obstacles for full participation in agriculture

Women farmers worldwide say they’re making progress when it comes to achieving gender equality, but they also don’t expect full equality to come any time soon. In fact, it could be decades away, with widespread gender discrimination persisting that also poses obstacles to their ability to help feed the world, respondents told the Global Women

Myrna Ronald, a volunteer for Focus Africa, with their display at Manitoba Farm Women’s Conference.

Focus Africa — helping women in need

Winnipeg group partners with African-led resource centre

Focus Africa is a small group of Winnipeggers, half Canadian born and half African born, who partner with Beacon of Hope (BOH), an African-led resource centre in a slum near Nairobi, Kenya. Myrna Ronald is one of numerous volunteers raising money to help Beacon of Hope. She has accompanied her husband (an Infectious Disease physician)

Well known for hosting the TSN show “Off the Record,” Michael Landsberg was a Grain World guest speaker last week.

Break the silence on mental health

TV personality Michael Landsberg was a guest speaker last week at Grain World

It was the first time he’d spoken to a farm audience and Michael Landsberg did not disappoint. The crowd at Grain World gave the Canadian sports journalist a standing ovation after he’d given his frank talk about his personal struggle with depression, imploring others to speak up too. “The agricultural world is dominated by the

Preparing the bill at a restaurant to be taken to a table

The pursuit of convenience

Food costs are falling but many Canadians are paying as much or more than ever

Food inflation continues to be an illusion in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, food prices have dropped once again over the last month, by almost one per cent. Food prices are below the general inflation rate, just as they have been for most of the year to date. The food distribution landscape is much more

Are small towns doing enough to make immigrants feel welcome?

Are small towns doing enough to make immigrants feel welcome?

Study shows programs and services can’t be ‘one size fits all’

UBC researchers have determined that efforts to make immigrants feel welcome in small, rural towns often miss the mark — despite the good intentions. Assistant Prof. Susana Caxaj, along with Navjot Gill, recently published research examining the well-being of rural immigrants and whether they feel connected to their communities. Caxaj says a sense of belonging,