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Lori Bremner, Tina Shaw and Bre Adams of Dauphin were some of the saddle riders who took part in the event.

PHOTOS: Fifty sleighs converge on Riding Mountain National Park

The annual event known as the world’s largest sleigh ride is a fitting capstone to winter

Just before the warmer weather began to move in, a total of 50 sleighs converged at the base of the Sugar Loaf Hills in Riding Mountain National Park, along with 20 saddle riders, for the annual event that’s said to be the world’s largest sleigh ride. Thirty of the teams travelled north from the Rossburn

Eugene Lepischak of Rossburn, Man. and his family make their way, with 32 other sleighs, from the south side of the mountain. Lepischak had three generations of family on the sleigh.

PHOTOS: Dashing through the snow

Canada’s largest sleigh ride is bigger and better than ever

It’s touted as the largest sleigh ride in Canada, but to participants in this year’s 20th anniversary event Mar. 4 near Riding Mountain National Park, it’s pure and simple winter fun. Close to 300 people attended this year, and a total of 56 sleighs and horse teams. Participants departed from both north of Rossburn and