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Dried sewage sludge could solve the phosphorus question.

Sewage sludge could fertilize crops

Researchers in Madagascar think the environmental benefits 
of recycling phosphorus can’t be ignored

Researchers say they may have found another manure source that’s perfect for fertilizing crops — the catch is it’s of the human variety. In a recent article in the open-access journal Frontiers in Nutrition scientists from Madagascar’s University of Antananarivo investigated using thermally conditioned sewage sludge on crops. Thermal conditioning kills potentially harmful pathogens, leaving

Pump your septic tank before winter

Pump your septic tank before winter

Don’t wait — fixing a problem during the winter is difficult and expensive

If a few years have passed since your septic tank was pumped, now would be a good time to contact a licensed pumper and have it emptied, according to a North Dakota State University Extension Service agricultural engineer. “Cleaning the accumulated solids — sludge — from the septic tank is the most common, routine maintenance

City’s Sewage Discharges Detrimental To Lake Winnipeg

STAFF / Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) was quick to pounce on recent news reports that the City of Winnipeg has been discharging partly treated sewage into the Red River. The news that the City of Winnipeg s South End Water Pollution Centre has been discharging up to 60 million litres of sewage into the Red

Human Waste Could Be Phosphate Source

Human excreta could have a key role in securing future food security, helping prevent a sharp drop in yields of crops such as wheat due to a shortage of phosphorus inputs, a U.K. organic body said Nov. 29. “It is estimated that only 10 per cent of the three million tonnes of phosphorus excreted by

Pump Septic Tank Before Winter Hits

Now is a good time to have septic tanks cleaned and pumped, according to a North Dakota State University Extension Service agricultural engineer. Septic tanks with too much accumulated sludge and other material can cause problems in the winter. Fixing a failed septic system in cold weather is diffi- cult and expensive. “Cleaning the accumulated

Don’t Reject The Ejector

Regarding the sewage ejector ban, I don’t know what got into their heads. The province is phasing out sewage ejectors across the province and we will have to replace it with a septic field. No farmer can afford to replace it at a cost of $10,000 to $20,000. There is no scientific evidence to back

Options Abound For Improving Phosphorus Management

“The underlying problem leading to food waste stems in part from consumer behaviours supported by an economic system built to produce more than we need.” Anew report by the International Institute for Sustainable Development outlines several avenues that could be explored to improve phosphorus management: Another case for local food networks: “Cycling phosphorus exported in

Your Sewer System Could Cost You Big Dollars

Many rural Manitoba residents are in for a big surprise, a costly surprise if they have a sewage injector system and plan to sell or transfer their farm in the future. In case you haven’t heard, our present elected government has, in their wisdom, passed legislation condemning above-ground sewage ejectors as ground and water polluters.

KAP Slams Sewage Ejector Ban

“We view this as a very rural-unfriendly piece of legislation.” – IAN WISHART Manitoba farmers want Winnipeg to stop growing until it has fully upgraded its sewage-handling system. A resolution passed at the Keystone Agr icul tural Producers annual meeting said the province should “encourage the City of Winnipeg to suspend all urban expansion” until