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Now Hear This…

Canadian Federation of Agriculture The traditional picture of a farm as a serene and quiet workplace couldn’t be further from the truth. Machinery, motors, and even sounds made by animals, sometimes create a noisy and often hazardous environment. “Since the industrial revolution, noise is one of the most common occupational health hazards,” explains Marcel Hacault,

Add More Music To Your Life This Year

Researchers have shown that music is good for your health, whether you are a practising musician or an avid listener. For example, if you’re scheduled for surgery, you may want to bring your CD or MP3 player to the hospital. Be sure you have your favourite relaxing musical selections to enjoy before and after surgery.

Farmers need to stretch

Taking a few moments away from farming to stretch can go a long ways toward avoiding the chronic pain that often accompanies a career in agriculture, says Roland Reenders, a Workplace Safety and Health division ergonomist with a farming background. Speaking at the Farm Safety and Health seminar held in Winnipeg on Nov. 6 and