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Debate over seed royalties could be nearing end

Debate over seed royalties could be nearing end

A pilot project could be the beginning of the end for this long-standing issue

The long-awaited process of determining the future of seed royalty rates in Canada is approaching its final stages. At least, it seems that way. Consider first the process officially began in 2013 when the then federal government led by the Conservative party introduced a law allowing royalty collection on seeds. (Some may recognize this as

As seeding season approaches, a new seed royalty pilot is getting off the ground, to some controversy.  Photo: File

Seed pilot project unveiled

The new Seed Variety Use Agreement (SVUA) pilot project, unveiled in Winnipeg Feb. 25, will demonstrate the benefits of farmers paying breeders a royalty for seed saved for planting. But the Prairies’ five wheat and barley commissions have “significant concern” about the project, they said in a news release. The SVUA pilot is being organized

Letters: What’s the true value of life?

A recent article by Allan Dawson on seed royalties included this statement under the ‘why it matters’ heading: “The seed industry says Canadian farmers need to pay more for cereals varieties to make farms profitable.” In my understanding of the world there is a lot of history behind that statement, history which we need to

Sixty-five per cent of all farmers surveyed rejected both proposed seed royalty models and 25 per cent said they need more information.

Survey says: Farmers reject proposed seed royalty models

Farmer skepticism on end point and trailing royalties proposals came through loud and clear in a recent survey

Proponents of royalties proposals to fund cereals variety development need to either head back to the drawing board or do a better job of making their case. A recent survey from the three Prairie general farm organizations conducted to gauge farmer response to the two proposals for end point or trailing royalties found a deep

Time to re-engage on seed royalty discussion

SeCan’s Todd Hyra says more resources are needed

If plant breeders are going to develop the next AAC Brandon, they need the resources to do it, says Todd Hyra, SeCan’s business manager for Western Canada. Last fall consultations led by the federal government on two new options — trailing and end point royalties — met with some stiff push-back from farmers. Both options

The farm groups involved have remained open minded about options for a new system.

Oct. 15 deadline to comment on proposed cereal royalties

The online survey will allow farm groups 
to best represent grower interests

Farmers have until Oct. 15 to comment on proposed changes to cereal seed royalties at Survey results will be presented to the federal agriculture minister after the Oct. 21 federal election. The online survey was launched in July by the Alberta Federation of Agriculture (AFA), the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) and Manitoba’s

Royalty issue discussed at canola, flax AGMs

Royalty issue discussed at canola, flax AGMs

Manitoba Flax is working on royalty policy for flax with Sask Flax

The Manitoba Canola Growers Association (MCGA) is following cereal royalty discussions closely because of the potential impact on MCGA members. At its annual meeting last year, MCGA members passed a resolution calling on the association to “vigorously oppose” the introduction of end point royalties on canola. An end point or trailing royalty is now being

Landscape featuring a grain field.

Cereal royalty discussions dominate CropConnect AGMs

There’s increasing agreement among farmers to invest more in variety development, but how?

There’s still no consensus among western grain farmers on how they can contribute more money to boost cereal variety development, but Fred Greig says there’s progress on the contentious issue. “I think there’s a will to move along the path and to protect our interests and protect our rights and do it right,” the Reston

Editorial: Seed royalty proposal no slam dunk

At first the discussion around seed royalties seemed largely a foregone conclusion. At question wasn’t if royalties would be collected on cereals crops to fund varietal research. Rather, the debate centred around how they’d be collected, with two models discussed under the supervision of the federal government. The options presented to farmers were a trailing