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“I always tell small businesses and individuals the most dangerous thing that you’re going to do today is open email.” – Ritesh Kotak.

Tightening up the digital safety network on the farm

There are some simple things you can do to reduce the threat from hackers

The recent cyberattack on JBS, the world’s largest meat-processing company, sends a clear message that agriculture is not immune to cybercrime. The company paid US$11 million, reportedly to Russian-speaking gang REvil, in the ransomware attack after 13 of its American plants, along with its Brooks, Alta. facility and some in Australia, were forced to temporarily close. The

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Three pulse and special crop buyers’ CGC licenses suspended

If you're owed money for grain delivered to Globeways Canada, Global Grain Canada or Canpulse Foods contact the CGC right away

Farmers who haven’t been paid for grain delivered to Globeways Canada, Global Grain Canada or Canpulse Foods should contact the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) as soon as possible. The CGC suspended the licenses of all three for 30 days effective Saturday after it was notified the firms no longer had security to cover money owed

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Grain Commission suspends ILTA Grain’s licenses

Farmers owed money for grain delivered to ILTA Grain Inc. should call the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC). The CGC on Thursday suspended the Surrey, B.C.-based company’s grain dealer’s license and its primary grain elevator licenses for elevators at Belle Plaine and Saskatoon, Sask., Remi Gosselin, the CGC’s manager of corporate information services, said in an

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Some Canadian Exotic Grains customers compensated

CNS Canada — A few producers who did not receive payment from Canadian Exotic Grains Ltd. have been compensated through the Canadian Grain Commission’s Safeguards for Grain Farmers Program, the commission said Tuesday. Canadian Exotic Grain’s grain dealer license was revoked April 26 after the company was unable to pay producers. On June 4, Saskatchewan


CCGA cash advance applications out early

Among other changes to the program, applications are available earlier this year for spring cash advances through the Canadian Canola Growers Association (CCGA). The CCGA on Thursday announced it’s now accepting applications for the 2017-18 advance payments program (APP), which offers cash advances on 45 different crop and livestock commodities. The CCGA is the administrative

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Ebola has become famine’s new friend

Hunger and displacement caused by the crisis could have long-lasting effects

The global campaign to end world hunger came face to face last week with famine’s powerful new ally: the Ebola virus. “It could lead to a hunger crisis of epic proportions,” Kanayo Nwanze, president of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) told delegates attending the Borlaug Dialogue, an annual event held in honour of

The drones are coming to a sky near you

Most folks have heard about the use of drones for military purposes, but there is a much better future for these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), as they are officially called, in the world of agriculture. A number of universities and research agencies are already busily investigating their use mainly for crop surveillance of diseases and