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Research scientist Philip Lyons stands in front of a tank holding rainbow carp at Alltech Coppens Aqua Centre, in Leende, Netherlands.

New technology allows more sustainable aquaculture

Alternative protein sources such as insect meal could replace fish meal fed to fish

Many are familiar with farmed salmon, catfish or tilapia. But there are many more potential species, says a research scientist at an aquaculture facility here. “When you compare fish farming to terrestrial farming we have thousands of different fish species that we could potentially farm… and when you compare that to terrestrial farming we have

Canada says GMO salmon safe for consumption

Ottawa | Reuters — Canada approved a type of genetically modified salmon for sale, health officials said on Thursday, the first such animal to be cleared as safe for consumption in the country. The salmon was approved in the U.S. to be farmed for human consumption last year but has since been a source of

Rudy and Leslie Reimer inside a hog barn converted to raise trout.

High hopes for a new type of Prairie inland fisheries

Consumers are looking for sustainably raised seafood, putting the Prairie 
provinces in a position to capitalize on cheaper land and pristine water

At times, Rudy and Leslie Reimer have felt like they’ve been swimming against the current. But surveying the tanks at Watersong Farm’s newly built trout observation room, Rudy Reimer said that the five years they’ve spent developing and redeveloping their self-contained fish farm have been worth it. “There is a lot of potential here —

Virus, Genetic Link Eyed In Canadian Salmon Deaths

Sockeye salmon in one of Canada’s key but troubled fisheries on the Pacific Coast may have a genetic flaw that makes them more susceptible to disease, according to a study released Jan. 13. Researchers have found a genetic profile in some sockeye in British Columbia’s Fraser River that indicates some are more likely to die

U. S. Panel To Consider Pros, Cons Of GMO Salmon – for Sep. 23, 2010

The first genetically modified animal could move one step closer to the U. S. market this month, when a federal advisory panel makes its recommendation on whether such food– a salmon – is safe for consumers to eat. Both Food and Drug Administration staff and the salmon’s maker, Aqua Bounty Technologies Inc., have said the

Virus To Cut Chile Salmon Output

Salmon output in Chile, the world’s No. 2 producer, will fall around 30 per cent in 2009 from a year earlier to around 320,000 tonnes as the industry grapples with a lethal virus, leading industry association SalmonChile said March 6. Rodrigo Infante, CEO of SalmonChile – which groups Chile’s main salmon producers – said he

Ocean feedlots big business

There’s many a night Norm Penton has been rocked to sleep by the gentle rolling of the sea and calming sound of lapping waves while working on a British Columbia salmon farm. Salmon farms are operated by two to four people who live and work on the floating farms for eight days followed by six