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Face to face from the comfort of home

AGvisorPRO wants to make its free Tech Direct platform the new ‘go-to’ for ag advice

Robert Saik, founder and CEO of AGvisorPRO, wants to displace the 1-800 number when it comes to agriculture. Farmers will be well familiar with the frustrations of long-distance service, from the challenge of describing or diagnosing problems over the phone, to the trials of navigating number-option phone systems and automated messages. The result, Saik argues,

Editor’s Take: Unwiring the world

A couple years ago I was out at the farm for a few days and my brother asked me to bid on something in an online auction sale for him. He had other commitments so he told me the lot number, what he was willing to pay, and wished me luck. I was going to

The biggest challenge we have faced has been the lack of reliable internet connections outside of the school setting, due to inadequate rural internet services.

Comment: Pandemic shows value of local education oversight

Local input in the form of school boards can tailor solutions to the area

On Friday, May 29, the Winnipeg Free Press published a front-page article “‘Pandemic-proof pedagogical system’: Lessons as usual for Hutterite colonies.” During this time of suspended in-person classes due to the COVID pandemic, the article explained how across the province “an easy upload to distance learning has been all but impossible for teachers and students.”

Survey finds Manitoba’s rural internet, cell service still bad

Results of KAP’s rural connectivity survey show nearly two-thirds of rural Manitobans dissatisfied with internet, cellular access

Poor rural internet and cell services obstruct communication, stall business and impede technology uptake, according to survey results KAP released April 16. “We have heard deep-seated frustration from both farm families and non-farmers about the state of connectivity in rural Manitoba, and providers cannot continue to ask us to pay for a service that is

The challenges with moving a new technology into rural areas could create new partnerships and opportunities.

The wired farm

Will 5G networks kick off a wave of innovation for Canada’s farms?

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S20 phone will be the first to have access to 5G technology in Canada. Rural residents and farmers will have to wait much longer – if the technology ever arrives. Rogers announced in early March that it is rolling out 5G networks in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal, with 20

Janssens girls Maddie (3), Kaity (10), Lexi (6) and Hailey (3) do home work at their Boissevain-area home.

Home education highlights gaps in rural internet

School divisions are adapting with print materials, phone calls, adjusted expectations

Science experiments get complicated with twin toddlers running around. Kaity, 10, and her mom Heather Janssens started an experiment on evaporation — filling a cup of water and coming back periodically to mark the water level to show if it dropped. They took a break to play outside, and when they came in it looked

In February, KAP launched a rural connectivity survey to better understand issues surrounding cellular coverage and broadband access across Manitoba.

Keystone Agricultural Producers launches rural cell and internet survey

Rural Manitobans miss out on key information and the ability to call for emergency help because of poor cellular coverage, says one KAP director

Keystone Agricultural Producers is asking farmers and rural folk to weigh in on their internet and cellular service providers. “(Internet service) should be a basic human right, almost,” KAP District 6 director Sam Connery-Nichol told the Co-operator Feb. 19. “You need it.” Connery-Nichol was staring at the ‘wheel of death’ on her internet browser screen

Spotty cellphone connection and internet service might be an issue for producers wanting to stream video via a calf surveillance system.

Cow cams may fall short without tall towers

Failure to connect: Like anything involving video transfer, calving cameras will need good internet and cell service to transmit an image of the calving pen off the farm

Cow cams may promise peace of mind but, like most things connected to data agriculture, they also bring up the perennial challenges with rural internet. Rural internet is an obstacle for the farmers wanting to adopt cow cams, Colin Palmer (a producer and speaker on cattle surveillance systems) admits. He has reaped the benefit of

Faster internet may bring technology to more farms

In 2017, 84 per cent of farmers were using precision ag tech, but half said their internet wasn’t fast enough

Rural internet improvements may have implications for precision agriculture, farm technology — and Netflix binging. “We all hate waiting for that circle of death,” said Trevor Armitage, vice-president of global operations at Farmers Edge, referring to the familiar buffering symbol used while waiting for available bandwidth to catch up to demand. He said user experience drives much

Agriculture is poised for a data revolution, but what good data if you can’t access it or transmit it?

Editorial: Testing the limits of rural Internet

Anyone who’s spent time recently in voice-mail jail can confirm often it’s best to take one’s interaction with large organizations online. True, it’s probably just a cost-cutting measure and they’re pushing that cost onto you, the client. But it’s often also undeniably easier to take the self-serve option, where you do it yourself, at a