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Create A Peaceful Getaway

The bedroom in the photo has it all. It s inviting, calm and restful but also has tons of character. Paint in hues of grey, beige and off-white neutrals balance the rich colours of the bedding and window treatments. The muted wall colour provides the perfect backdrop to the dark antique, stylized furniture, providing just

Successfully Using Bold Colour

Are you hesitant about using strong colour in your dcor? If so, try it out in small doses. The kitchen in the featured photograph uses two vibrant colours Peacock s Plume and Lime Twist. The darker colour definitely makes a statement but is not overpowering or gloomy. This is because the actual painted surfaces only

“Rent A Kitchen” Idea Touted At Growing Local

Packing their own farm-grown flax into 1.6-kg pails for sales to local stores didn’t require a lot of processing infrastructure, but it did require some. That’s when St. Pierre farmer Murielle Bugera turned to her community’ a museum kitchen – a provincially inspected facility – to complete her packaging and labelling. It saved her money

Conquering The Clutter

A study was done involving 20 busy moms who participated in 45-minute telephone interviews. Overall, they cited limited or poorly used storage space, lack of time and “family members who mess it up” as barriers to keeping their kitchens organized. In another part of the study, moms tried out educational packets that helped them analyze

Grandma’s Kitchen

Warm and inviting With the sun streaming through lace curtains Tiny rose-pink flowers on garlands of green vines and leaves adorn the walls Aromas enticing those who cross the threshold A pot of chicken stew bubbling on the stove Loaves of freshly baked bread on the table Waiting for the evening meal With family members

Create A Bistro-Style Kitchen

The bistro originated in a region in France, jus t outside of Paris. Those who travelled from the countryside to the city brought along good wine and food and met with others to partake in wonderful meals. This established what we now regard as the French bistro. Other European countries followed suit and today, the

Create A “Fusion Kitchen”

Kitchen cabinet design has come a very long way and no longer are our choices confined to having matching cabinetry throughout. Although the style of cabinetry has varied over the decades, we were always left with a huge wall of matching cabinets in the end, even after trying to personalize the kitchen with unique hardware