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In February 2019, the Canadian Space Agency is launching the RADARSAT Constellation – an array of three satellites that will be used to collect data and monitor the entire Canadian land mass.

Things are looking up for agronomists

Satellite and drone technologies are changing the face of agronomic research

Forget boots on the ground — the future of crop monitoring could well be the eye in the sky. One of the discussions at last month’s Joint Conference of the Canadian Wheat Symposium and the Canadian Workshop on Fusarium Head Blight explored how remote sensing is opening up possibilities for monitoring soil conditions and crop

Leander Campbell, speaking at Crop Connect in Winnipeg.

Crop data assists in tracking crops and disease

It’s not a bird and it’s not a plane, those are satellites up 
there and farmers can access the data they produce for free

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada is aiming to bring satellite technology down to earth for Prairie producers. “Typically in agriculture you’re thinking biology, maybe chemistry, well this is physics in agriculture,” said Leander Campbell, speaking at the recent Crop Connect in Winnipeg. Campbell, a remote sensing specialist with the earth observation team at Agriculture Canada, said

Manitoba Potato Production Days hosted a panel discussion on drones in Brandon on January 27. Dr. Ian MacRae (l to r), professor and extension entomologist at the University of Minnesota, Craig Linde, diversification specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, Trevor Thornton, president of Crop Care Consulting, Darren White, agronomist with Delta Ag Services.

Discussing drones

A panel of industry experts sheds some light on the drone 
landscape for producers interested in investing in the equipment

Interested in diving into the world of drones? Start small, a panel of agronomists told farmers attending Manitoba Potato Production Days Jan. 27. “I would suggest starting with a small piece of equipment,” said Trevor Thornton, president of Crop Care Consulting. “A lot of guys want something that they can keep in their truck and

Tracking microclimates could help feed the world

Scientists in Israel have developed a way of using satellite images to help farmers detect small-scale changes in climate and improve their harvests, a method that could bolster food supplies for an increasingly hungry world population. Rather than analyze the weather and topography of large swathes of land, the new system divides fields into smaller

La Niña And Sunspots

From a weather and agricultural point, I find this time of year to be the most difficult. Winter is still holding on, but historically we don’t see much in the way of severe weather during the second half of February. Spring is on the horizon, but is still at least three to four weeks away

Possible Change In Weather Pattern

I’m going to start off this week’s article with a quick look at global weather records and patterns so far this year. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the first nine months of 2010 have been the warmest ever recorded. If this pattern keeps up, 2010 will go down as the warmest

Grasslands Going To Bush, Aerial Photos Show

SE 21-09-11W -1946 SE 21-09-11W -1994 “Fire was one of nature’s natural elements, and we have controlled it.” – Bill Gardiner When Henry Youle Hind led an expedition across the Prairies in 1858, there were apparently very few trees. “The country west of Souris is a treeless desert, in dry seasons destitute of water, and

A Little Bit Of Everything

Table 1. Total rainfall June 17-19, in millimetres ALBERTA Bullhorn Reservoir Pincher Creek Cardston Atlee Waterton Park Schuler Lethbridge Bow Island Vauxhall Medicine Hat Oyen SASKATCHEWAN Cypress Hills Park Maple Creek Leader Val Marie Swift Current Kindersley Saskatoon MANITOBA Killarney Gladstone Pierson Boissevain Hamiota Melita Eriksdale Virden Steinbach 161.7 131.5 129.3 113.4 100.2 97.8 90.5

The Changing Arctic — Part 4

The weather page is prepared by Daniel Bezte. Dan has a BA Honours degree in geography, specializing in climatology, from the U of W. He has taught climate and weather classes at the U of W, and is a guest climate expert on CJOB’s morning show with Larry Updike. Daniel runs a computerized weather station

Pilot Mound Entrepreneurs Honoured By BDC

Farmers were so impressed with an innovative crop fertilization service developed by Curtis MacKinnon and Wade Barnes that they urged them to take it to market, giving them the push they needed to strike out on their own. Since that initial start four years ago, Farmers Edge Precision Consulting has become a fast-growing business that