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Ice jam at Selkirk sees flood potential rise for lower Red River

Manitoba Flood Bulletin No. 1

Province of Manitoba – Manitoba Infrastructure’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre reports flood watches for the Fisher River and Pipestone Creek due to potential ice jams and a flood warning for the lower Red River as ice jamming is in effect near Selkirk. Water levels are significantly increasing across much of southern Manitoba, particularly on the Red

Reflecting on the flood that didn’t happen

After dire predictions and many preparations on both sides of the border, citizens have started breathing a huge sigh of relief. Unless we receive very large levels of precipitation in the coming days, the threat of flooding seems to have been alleviated. Some of us are just relieved; others are asking why the forecasts were

Government says no new compensation for old flood

The federal government is saying no to paying for the same flood 
twice but the province is continuing to seek a solution

The federal government says it will not contribute to additional compensation for farmers around Lake Manitoba who continue to suffer losses from the 2011 flood. “AgriRecovery is not intended to pay for the same event more than once. AgriRecovery was never intended to provide long-term compensation for situations that have affected the production capacity of

Are you ready for the next big flood?

Few of us remember the Red River basin flood of 1950. Even fewer were prepared for the flood when it hit. The dry 1930s and modest flooding of the 1940s had lulled basin communities into complacency. Then, a winter of heavy snow followed by heavy spring rains resulted in flooding all along the main stem

Flood Prevention Ideas Could Assist Protection

At a time when flood waters are threatening property and disrupting the economy across the Prairies, it seems odd to be on a bus tour showcasing projects that flood farmland on purpose. But officials in the Northern U.S. have concluded flooding relatively small areas of farmland is better than the alternative. “Before the (North Ottawa

Unprecedented Overland Flooding

In all his 25 years of flying over western Manitoba, Jon Bagley saw the springtime on the bald, flat prairie last week expressed in a way he’d never imagined possible – through raging creeks, washed-out roads and unprecedented overland flooding. In fact, provincial officials were calling the situation this spring some of the worst flooding

Report Eyes Reducing River Flows

Aplan to reduce the flow on the Red River during flood stage is feasible but would come at a huge cost, a yet-to-be-released study says. Reducing peak flows by 20 per cent is doable but the price tag would be at last $1 billion, according to a model developed for the Red River Basin Commission.

Flood Threat Looms In Red River Basin

Asilent threat lurking in the snow-covered uplands of the Red River basin has officials warning residents to brace for a major flood this spring. High river flows, above-normal water content in the snowpack and an expected cool, wet spring will produce near-record flood conditions along the Red River, Manitoba Water Stewardship announced Monday. The province’s

Long-Term Flood Solutions Urgent For Red River

News of an expected major flood along the Red River this spring created an undercurrent of urgency at the Red River Basin Commission’s annual convention last week. A focus on flood control reflected the inescapable reality that the river is a perennial flood risk waiting to happen. The reason is simple. “We live in the

Red River Valley Poises For Spring Flood

“It’s a big enough flood to cause havoc with a lot of people in the valley.” – ALF WARKENTIN There’s bad news and good news for residents of Manitoba’s flood-prone Red River Valley this year. The bad news is there’ll be another spring flood. The good news is it won’t be nearly as severe as