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Create With Crayons And Cloth

This is a guaranteed hit with children or grandchildren. My three-year-old granddaughter did the ice-cream cone and just added a scribble touch here and there (to personalize it, I think). It still looks cute. My seven-year-old granddaughter has decided that we should make a quilt so we are choosing her pictures with a theme and

Make A Casserole Tote

Whenever I am asked to bring a hot dish to a public gathering, I find a quilted tote comes in handy. A new casserole bowl placed in one of these totes also makes a nice bridal shower gift. Once you get the basic idea, the measurements given can be enlarged to accommodate whatever size casserole

Decorate With Fabric

Making fabric pictures is an excellent way to do your own original decorating at a fraction of the cost. METHOD 1: A large pattern can be used for a large wall and can often be found in the sheeting section of a fabric store. It can match your curtains, pillow shams, tablecloth or anything you

Making Polar Fleece Car Rugs

Ilaughed at myself when I finished these car rugs. I felt like the pioneer ladies as they made their very practical blankets out of worn-out pants and dresses. I had so many scraps of fleece since I have been making polar fleece hooded jackets for many years. With eight grandchildren all getting one jacket or