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A long-contentious quarry project in the RM of Rosser is going ahead following a precedent-setting decision by the Municipal Board under its newly expanded mandate as an appeal body.

Provincial tribunal rules contentious quarry can proceed

Province has done what needs to be done to provide affordable aggregate to taxpayers, says owner

[UPDATE: Oct. 8, 2020] After over a decade of dispute, a limestone quarry is under construction at Lilyfield in the RM of Rosser. Owner Colleen Munro expressed relief and satisfaction — “… can I say finally?” she told the Co-operator — while nearby residents were decidedly displeased. “Where is the justice here?” wrote Karen Kaplen,

Quarry site owner Colleen Munro speaks during the hearings in late July.

Provincial tribunal rules quarry can proceed in precedent-setting case

Construction of the contentious Lilyfield Quarry will go forward under stringent conditions

A limestone quarry will be built at Lilyfield in the RM of Rosser the Municipal Board has ruled in what has been called a precedent-setting decision. Lilyfield Quarry Inc. and owner Colleen Munro are the first to appeal under changes to the Planning Act made in 2018. The changes allow aggregate quarry owners to appeal

Province resumes quarry rehab program

Program put on hold in 2018 after financial, management irregularities discovered

RURAL DEVELOPMENT The program was put on hold in 2018 after financial and management irregularities were discovered

The province announced it will resume providing funds to rehabilitate spent quarries into usable land after a two-year pause while the program was investigated. Under the Quarry Rehabilitation on Private Land Program, $6.7 million will be available this year for landowners looking to restore quarry sites, Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Blaine Pedersen said in a news release Aug. 13. The province is once

Orvel Currie, lawyer representing the RM of Rosser, speaks on the final day of the appeal hearing in Winnipeg Aug. 18.

Municipal Board considering benchmark ruling

Lawyers weigh in on precedent
 to be set in quarry appeal

The lawyers on either side of the contentious Lilyfield quarry case don’t agree on much, but they agree on one thing: the Municipal Board should be judging for itself whether the quarry in the RM of Rosser should go ahead. During an appeal hearing Aug. 18, lawyers for both the municipality and the landowner suggested

Rosser residents (left to right) Florence McCoy, Brynn Kaplen and Val Gough say they’re frustrated and angry that Lilyfield Quarry can appeal its application to the Municipal Board.

Quarry battle raises fears over municipal autonomy

The residents of Lilyfield worry the province’s desire for cheap aggregate will supersede their desire for peace and quiet

It’s a sunflower field at the moment. Foot-high plants wave in the summer sun beneath “no trespassing” signs — a lot of signs for an ordinary farmer’s field. “Live watch security,” they say. Kitty-corner, Florence McCoy’s yard is quiet, but for singing birds and the odd car driving past. She’s lived on that yard since