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F.X. Aherne prizes awarded at the Banff Pork Seminar

Garrett Gerbrandt of the Puratone Corporation in Niverville is one of three pork industry innovators honoured with the F.X. Aherne prize for innovative pork production, presented at the 2012 Banff Pork Seminar, held Jan. 17-20. Gerbrandt received the award for his invention of unique, livestock-friendly loading plates for finishing farms, which are used throughout the

Manitoba Pork Council Undergoes Major Restructuring

Seismic changes reverberating through the Manitoba pork industry have forced the province’s hog producer membership association into its biggest corporate restructuring in years. The Manitoba Pork Council is cutting local districts, slashing the number of delegates and adopting a grassroots approach for electing them. A massive loss of hog farmers and a desire for more

In Brief… – for Mar. 10, 2011

Cash for clunkers:Russia will spend an extra four billion rubles from this year’s budget to subsidize farm equipment leasing and may look into a “cash for clunkers” scheme to boost tractor purchases, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said. “I hope it will help reap a good harvest and stabilize the situation with food prices,” he told

Hog Producers Go Needle Free

Aquarter of Manitoba pork producers are now using needle-free delivery technology in their vaccination programs, according to the company marketing the technology. Citing Manitoba Pork Council data, the Pulse NeedleFree Systems says the Puratone Corporation is among the Manitoba producers to have gone needle free. Puratone markets more than 500,000 hogs annually. The new devices

Carcass Demerits Are An Overlooked Cost

bernie peet Peet on Pigs “The results showed that approximately 10-20 per cent of all hogs delivered had some form of a demerit valued at $0.60-$1.20/hog.” Bernie Peet is president of Pork Chain Consulting Ltd. of Lacombe, Alberta, and editor of Western Hog Journal. His columns will run every second week in the Manitoba Co-operator.