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Canada Beef’s First President Focusing On Strengths

While the term “mega-agency” has been used to describe Canada Beef Inc. (CBI), its very first president prefers to think in smaller, more specialized terms. “It’s funny, you know, I’ve heard that ‘mega-agency’ term and frankly, I see it a little bit differently. I see it more from a boutique point of view. We’re going

Are Higher Commodity Prices The “New Normal?”

Higher commodity prices might be the rule rather than the exception in the coming years, a Purdue University agricultural economist says. While prices regularly rise and fall, they have trended upward in a way that suggests they’ve reached a plateau, said Mike Boehlje. He attributed much of the price movement to bullish export markets, weather-shortened

What The Australians Say Post-AWB

The following contains selected quotes from an online forum in Australia. The question posed was this: Canadians often hear about how bad it is in Australia now that your marketing board is no longer a monopoly. What are some real-world stories from the guys who actually went through the transition? Was it worth it? Is

Campaign Urges Province To “Put Communities First”

Municipalities plan a grassroots campaign this summer to make sure the needs of small towns and rural municipalities aren’t forgotten as candidates for the fall election start making election promises. All 197 local governments are asked to pass resolutions that lay out their specific infrastructure needs, with price tag attached and make other community groups

The Jacksons – for Jun. 23, 2011

I have to admit,” Grant Toews was saying as Andrew Jackson set a coffee cup on “ I the café table and sat down in the last empty chair, “that sometimes I’m not sure why I even bother to vote. I mean, why do we even have a government? Aside from wasting our hard-earned money

This One’s For You Dad

All spring, even before the last of the snowbanks finally disappeared, a meadowlark has frequently been on a fence post close to my back door. Not too significant, perhaps, but meadowlarks have always reminded me of my dad. He loved to hear them in the springtime and would stop when we were out walking in

What’s Up With May’s Weather?

After a week of really nice weather across much of agricultural Manitoba, we saw the weather turn back to cool, wet conditions. Some of the comments I’ve been hearing about the weather are that our seasons are off by a month, or simply that Mays appear to be getting wetter and colder. At first I

A Break From Severe Weather

Iknow in the last issue I didn’t really finish up my discussion about lightning, and I said I would continue that talk this week, but sometimes other things come around that change our minds. It’s interesting how “big things” in our lives start out as “other things.” Take the one-in-300-year flood happening along the Assiniboine

The Jacksons – for May. 12, 2011

The inviting smell of freshly brewed coffee wafted up the stairs to greet Rose as she made her way down to the kitchen of the Jackson house. It appeared that for once she was not the first member of the family out of bed. “Happy Mother’s Day!” Rose’s daughter Jennifer bounced across the kitchen to

When Life Gives You Lemons, Do You Make Lemonade Or Lemon Cake?

People can fight over anything, even a handful of lemons. Once upon a time, Gerry Friesen wanted to bake a cake, and his wife wanted to have lemonade. “If I’m committed to the relationship, I say, ‘Go ahead, have them,’” he said. “Or I could compete, and tell her to ‘bug off,’ because I wanted