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Pumpkins are delicious as well as decorative and shouldn’t be confined to a single holiday.

Put pumpkin on your fall menu

This autumn favourite is low in calories and high in fibre

What’s your favourite dessert?” I asked my daughter. She was a preschooler at the time. “Pumpkin pie!” she exclaimed. Her answer surprised me. I was expecting to hear brownies or chocolate ice cream. “Really, pumpkin pie?” I asked. “Yes, but we can’t have pumpkin pie now,” she said. “It’s only for Thanksgiving.” I guess our

Buying a pumpkin could involve a pleasant drive out to a farm to select one (or more).

Celebrating the pumpkin

Whether as a fall decoration, pie ingredient or jack-o’-lantern, now is the time to use this sign of autumn

It’s pumpkin time again! Whether you think of pumpkins as primarily something to use as a decoration or as a common pie ingredient, or whether you think of them mainly to create jack-o’-lanterns to use at Halloween — it’s that time again. Classed as a fruit, the pumpkin is indigenous to the Western Hemisphere and

It never rains, it pours

Our History: September 2009

The front page of our Sept. 10, 2009 issue covered the results of a second wet year in the Interlake. Between May 1 and Aug. 30, Arborg had received 146 per cent of normal rainfall. Kelvin Einarson of Riverton, featured in the front-page photo, said he could only seed 40 per cent of his land

Squash is a winter treat

There’s a near endless variety of winter squash — and recipes to use them in

Winter squash come in various shapes, sizes and textures in shades of green, yellow, orange, white and even blue. Their tough outer rind sets them apart from their summer cousins (zucchini, patty pan and crookneck squash) which are harvested while immature and their skins are soft and tender. Because of their extended growing time, winter

White pumpkins that have marks and blemishes often make the best candidates for carving Halloween faces, as these faults can be incorporated into the design.

Try out some white pumpkins this Halloween

These varieties range from pure white to cream colour with no trace of orange on them

Moonshine,” “Lumina,” “Baby Boo,” “New Moon” — these are all variety names of white pumpkins. It used to be that the spookiness of the Halloween season was depicted using only the colours orange and black. Well, move over orange and black, because white is fast gaining ground as the fearsome colour of choice. Horticulturalists have

Squash is easy to store and prepare.

Try some squash this fall

Prairie Fare: This long-storing garden staple is an excellent source of vitamins A and C

Autumn makes me think about soup and other warm, comfort foods. I like to get cosy with a bowl of soup and some hearty bread. Add some fuzzy slippers to my feet and a fire in the fireplace, and I’m set for winter. I didn’t grow up eating squash soup (see recipe further down), but

Jack-o’-lanterns and more

Prairie Fare: Don’t forget all the tasty foods you can create from this fall mainstay

Carving ghoulish images into pumpkins and bringing them to life with flickering candlelight is one of our favourite Halloween traditions. But carving jack-o’-lanterns for trick-or-treaters isn’t the only way to enjoy pumpkins. They make delicious, affordable and nutritious foods too. Those big pumpkins may not be as sweet as the smaller “sugar pumpkins” or “pie

Pipestone-area producer Bryce Lobreau planted 15 acres of Linden butternut squash this summer.

Grain growers try their hand at veg production

Canadian Prairie Garden Puree Products Inc., based in Portage la Prairie 
has significantly ramped up its organic product line

Not long ago Bryce Lobreau would have scoffed had someone told him he’d be growing a field of vegetables one day. The Pipestone-area farmer was focused on building up his cattle herd, to become what is now Manitoba’s largest organic livestock feeder, and expanding his land base, now at 5,000 acres of mostly hay land

Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal (see recipe at bottom).

Have you tried a new grain lately?

Prairie Fare: Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

You are determined to like this food, aren’t you?” my husband remarked with a grin. I must have been “making a face” at my bowl of grits, which I had chosen for my second breakfast meal of the week. I regularly enjoy hot cereal such as oatmeal for breakfast, so why not try something new?

VIDEO: Titans of the garden: Manitoba’s giant pumpkin growers

From seed to spectacular, we follow one giant pumpkin grower aiming for top honours at the Roland Pumpkin Fair

Roland, Manitoba is one of three Western Canadian sites hosting a Great Pumpkin Commonwealth Weigh off since 1995. In early October, growers bring gigantic homegrown pumpkins for judging in hopes of earning cash prizes and bragging rights with a new record-breaking weight pumpkin. It’s no small undertaking, says Art Cameron, Roland grower and chair of the fair. Watch Cameron