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The Stepplers’ bull sales have been boosted by live streaming on social media.

Selling the farm life, byte by byte

Producers are turning to the internet to market their farms and their practices

It’s not hard to keep track of what’s happening on Steppler Farms, west of Miami. A quick scroll through their blogs, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter feeds shows pictures taken in the field, videos of feeding cattle, links to articles and posts on everything from beehive management to family birthdays. On screen, Ian Steppler appears in

McDonald’s rolls out campaign thanking farmers

Eighty-five per cent of the food it serves three million Canadian customers per day comes from Canadian farmers

McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada wants Canadian farmers to know they couldn’t do it without them. The company rolled out a month-long advertising campaign this week with commercials featuring empty containers for its most popular menu items with the slogan “not without Canadian farmers.” Television and online commercials link consumers to its Our Food Your Questions

Time to think about PR

Perhaps one shouldn’t tempt fate by talking about a crop that isn’t in the bin yet. It won’t be a bumper for everyone, and let’s not forget those still struggling with the aftermath of last year’s flood, or those on the wrong side of the feed grain price equation. That said, there are some eye-popping

Public relations not the solution for hog producers

Re: “Pork producers explore ways to improve their public image” (April 1). Apparently producers want to improve their public image, which has resulted in advertising showing a farmer cuddling a piglet, or a family involved in the same activities as the rest of us, to engender that warm, fuzzy feeling towards producers. There is also

Ritz Repeatedly Calls Oberg A Thief — Then Recants

Under threat of legal action, federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz hastily retracted widely circulated comments he made last week accusing CWB chair Allen Oberg of stealing farmers money. This word was only used figuratively and I retract it, Ritz said in a statement emailed to reporters Nov. 12. It remains our government s belief that

Corporate Universities Toe The Line

ASeptember piece inThe Economist,makes the bold statement that “America’s universities lost their way badly in the era of easy money. If they do not find it again, they may go the way of GM,” the global automotive giant that became a global lemon in less than two generations. The Economistlists some incriminating facts: While “median

Letters – for Apr. 22, 2010

Customers will determine industry trends Regarding the story “Gestation stalls could become Canada-U. S. trade issue,” Manitoba Co-operator April 15, Manitoba Pork Council chairman Karl Kynoch said his industry is not against loose housing for sows but change must be based on science, not human emotion and that MPC is going to make sure that

Hog Farm Transition Funding Booked Up

Another 93 bidders in the federal government’s hog farm transition program (HFTP) will share in its final allocation of $14.2 million, to fold up their hog operations for at least three years. The Canadian Pork Council, which administers the HFTP on Ottawa’s behalf, reported March 16 that 93 of 274 bids were accepted for the