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Manitoba Pork swine health programs manager Jenelle Hamblin.

Hog sector biosecurity changes paint target on PEDv

PEDv has not reached the heights this year that gripped the pork industry during Manitoba’s historic outbreak in 2017, but the sector is still on high alert. Nine new cases have been reported in 2018 as of June 18, while 78 of Manitoba’s total 91 PED-positive cases were dubbed presumptive negative as of mid-May. This

Pork sector calls for washing station changes

Pork sector calls for washing station changes

Manitoba Pork argues a return to domestic wash stations will allow greater control over variables that might contribute to the spread of PEDv

Manitoba Pork wants to see the return of Canadian-based wash stations for hog transport trailers coming back from the United States. If implemented, it would be an echo of a 2014 pilot project, one of several emergency measures by the pork sector following the first Canadian outbreaks. News of the virus’s spread to Canada in

PEDv risk factors identified as investigation continues

The PEDv investigation has identified potential vectors for the virus to slip into barns

Manitoba’s Chief Veterinarian Officer continues to investigate the ongoing PEDv infection in southeastern Manitoba, an outbreak that has broken records as the worst on record. Both the Chief Veterinarian Officer and Manitoba Pork Council have noted biosecurity gaps in the region and have asked producers to tighten up biosecurity. As the investigation into the source

Call-in town hall urges biosecurity in face of PEDv outbreak

Call-in town hall urges biosecurity in face of PEDv outbreak

The June 2 forum gave producers and industry representatives an update on PEDv 

More cases of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) have been confirmed in Manitoba, despite increasingly strenuous calls for producers to ramp up biosecurity. Thirteen cases of PEDv were confirmed from April 29 to June 7. The most recent cases bring Manitoba’s PEDv record to 23. “It’s all very well having a document or a set

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New Manitoba PED case pushes envelope

Southeastern Manitoba’s latest on-farm cases of porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) include one outside the buffer zones in which earlier cases have been found. According to Manitoba Pork, the province’s chief veterinary officer (CVO) on Wednesday confirmed positive tests for PED on a hog nursery operation outside an existing five-kilometre buffer zone. That case — along

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PED’s spread alarms piglet-exporting Manitoba

Winnipeg | Reuters — The deadly pig disease PEDv (porcine epidemic diarrhea virus) is spreading faster than expected in Manitoba, Canada’s biggest piglet-producing province. The number of cases since the beginning of May, now at 10, matches the total from the past three years combined, although the outbreak is not comparable in scale to PEDv’s

A total of 18 cases makes this the worst year ever for PED in Manitoba.

Manitoba hits record numbers of PED virus

Three more were cases confirmed in the 
fourth week of May

Eight cases of porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) have been confirmed in Manitoba in the last month, making this the worst year on record for the virus. Last year, five cases of the disease were reported. Two of the eight cases were found 20 kilometres away from the initial infection area, whereas the initial cases were