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MP’s water bill passes

Ontario MP Larry Miller’s bill to prevent bulk water withdrawals from lakes and rivers along the United States border has passed the Commons unopposed even though the opposition parties said it didn’t go far enough. The NDP and Liberals voted for the amendments to the Transboundary Waters Protection Act even though they want the government

Water management, northern development cited in throne speech

Churchill’s role will grow as province pursues initiative to boost northern prosperity, speech says

New research to track phosphorus flow from flood-prone areas will be one component of a comprehensive surface water management strategy coming for Manitoba, the speech from the throne stated November 19. New research looking at the role of wetland conservation and restoration, and risks to watercourses from toxic algae is also promised. “Our government recognizes

British badgers granted stay of execution

London / Reuters / Britain has delayed a plan to shoot thousands of badgers to stop the spread of tuberculosis in cattle in the face of overwhelming public opposition to the cull. Critics of the cull, which was supported by farmers, said it would be ineffective, not least because fleeing badgers would simply spread the

Forage Exports Through Churchill Studied

Anew study currently underway into exporting Manitoba forage crops through the Port of Churchill may find sales opportunities somewhat mixed. New overseas markets do exist for locally grown forages. And shipping through Hudson Bay is shorter and cheaper than via Vancouver or the St. Lawrence. But, as always, Churchill has limits as an ocean port

Ports Of Churchill, Halifax Working Together

A new agreement between the ports of Churchill and Halifax creates another option for exporting grain from the Prairies. Ever since Churchill started exporting grain in the 1930s, almost all of it sailed directly to the importing country. Now Churchill and Halifax will explore transshipments, with grain from Manitoba’s only seaport delivered to the terminal