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Widespread antibiotic use reduced disease levels in herds but also sent resistance levels soaring.

Antimicrobial resistance in cattle means big changes coming

An alarming rise in resistance even has drug companies calling for producers to change their ways

Multi-drug resistance to disease-causing bacteria is quickly becoming a complete “game changer” that could cripple the cattle industry’s ability to manage common bovine diseases. “We are really slamming into the end of the antibiotic era,” said Dr. Trisha Dowling, a professor of veterinary pharmacology at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. “I’ve got 24 different

Prairie fruit business needs more sea buckthorn growers

Manitoba maker of sea buckthorn products says a lack of berries has limited the growth of her business

Sea buckthorn is moving out of the hedgerows and into the mainstream, as new varieties and evolving technologies promise to make harvesting the nutrient-rich berry less labour intensive. “It’s been a very difficult industry to kind of get going, a lot of the cultivars that were first planted aren’t ideal for harvesting, in fact they’re

Pfizer separates animal health unit

Pfizer Inc. plans to separate its animal health unit into a stand-alone company, a move Wall Street expected as the largest U.S. drug maker focuses more intently on its core pharmaceuticals business. Pfizer said on Thursday that preparations were underway for a public offering of a minority stake in the new animal health company, which

Grow Pot, Make Money

Manitoba farmers already grow hemp for its seed and fibre& they might one day be growing for its medicinal properties too They came from the country as well as the city hoping to learn about a crop that could relieve their symptoms, revive their farms or reinvent their basements. And organizers of a two-day seminar

Hemp Genome Deciphered

staff / The fine line between the stuff rope and paper are made of, and the stuff Cheech and Chong s movies are made of, has been found on the plant s genome. A team of Canadian researchers has sequenced the genome of Cannabis sativa, which, depending on the strain, is known for its industrial

Horses Are Susceptible To Sunburn

The most likely cause of sunburn in horses is known as photosensi t ization. Photosensitization means hypersensitivity or allergy of the skin to sunlight. With photosensitization, non-pigmented skin is at risk whenever substances in the diet and sunlight reach a certain combination level. Unfortunately horses with sunburn are often discovered after the damage is done.

First Combination Product Approved For Several Years

Many of us recall that many years ago there were several combination drugs for cattle. For example, Pen-Strep or Azimycin, which were a combination of two antibiotics, a steroid and an antihistamine, all in one bottle. These products were pulled in the interests of meat safety and beef quality assurance. Today, with more thought on

U.S. To Work Globally To Keep Imports Safe

U.S. health regulators said they would work with their counterparts worldwide to share information and better safeguard drugs and food consumed in the United States. The move represents a change in strategy for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a recognition of an increasingly complex global supply chain and tight budgets at home. “The border

U.S. FDA Will Step Up Food Inspections From Japan

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said March 17 it was working on new steps to ensure food imports from Japan were safe as that country works to contain radiation from stricken nuclear power facilities. “As FDA assesses whether there is a potential health risk associated with FDA-regulated food products imported from Japan, the agency

Legal Pot Production Offers Nice Profit

It has been called a lot of things over the years: grass, pot, Mary Jane, wacky weed. Now, researchers are suggesting a new moniker for marijuana: alternative investment. A new report on the U.S. medical marijuana market estimates the unconventional business already generates $1.7 billion in economic activity a year. But the market could grow