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Recipe Swap, March 1, 2012

“Myth information” When it comes to food, we all have our likes, dislikes, preferences and prejudices. Many of us also live (and eat) by our “food myths.” These can be simple “dietary must-dos” like, “you must take minerals and supplements to stay healthy” or, “you must avoid carbs if you want to lose weight.” Some

Researcher tests new way to grow plants and fish at home

Got a hankering to go farming in your basement? Odd as that sounds, it may actually be possible thanks to aquaponics — a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics — and new-generation LED lighting. The potential has Nick Savidov excited. “Integrated farming is becoming a reality,” said the senior research scientist with Alberta Agriculture at Edmonton’s

Precision pork production — a vision of the future

Imagine a finishing barn where each pig receives exactly the right amount of nutrients each day to optimize its growth, maximize the efficiency of nutrient use and minimize the excretion of waste. A barn where sophisticated feeding equipment identifies each pig and delivers a precise dose of blended feed using complex mathematical models to predict

Grant Moffat Herd Builder Award recipients

Kayla Zamrykut, a 20-year-old producer from Rorketon, Braden Calvert, a 16-year-old producer from Carberry, and Raina Syrnyk, a 16-year-old producer from Ethelbert were the 2011 recipients of the Grant Moffat Herd Builder Award. Grant Moffat, Holmsyde Charolais, Forrest, went missing in August, 2006. Funds generously donated by cattlemen, friends and relatives across the country were

Fall Bird-Feeding Tips

Red River Basin Commission Fall is a dynamic season of change and adaptation for birds, providing you the opportunity to attract migratory birds in addition to the permanent residents that visit your bird feeders year round. Food habits change as seasonal food supplies change. The high-protein insect diet characteristic of many birds in summer changes


The harvest season s come and gone, dry grain is in the bin Grateful hearts acknowledge what a fine year this has been. Failure serves a purpose for we all remember when Grain fields, hay and gardens slumped last summer, twenty ten. Now there s ample feed for livestock bedding straw like strands of gold

More Questions For Reena – for Aug. 11, 2011

Hi Reena, I bought my regular fabric softener but with a different scent. I find the new scent is overpowering. I tried mixing it with my usual scent but even that is too strong. Can you suggest anything other than throwing out an almost full container of softener? –Thanks,Phyllis Hi Phyllis, If you want to

Paint Rather Than Buy

If your décor is in need of a change but you c an’t afford to buy all new furniture, consider painting your wooden pieces to create a whole new look. Saving money usually means you have to put in a little elbow grease but it can be worth your time in the end. Painting furniture

Importers To Limit Reliance On Cheap Russian Wheat

Russia has aggress ively undercut rivals to quickly reestablish itself in global wheat exports markets after an absence of almost a year but key buyers such as Egypt are likely to look to spread their supply risks once the price gap narrows. Exports from both Russia and neighbour Ukraine are expected to rebound strongly in

Keep The Learning Going

Mom, what exciting things are we going to do this summer?” my seven-year-old daughter asked. “I thought we would relax and read,” I replied. I was tired from the week’s activities. “Relaxing and reading doesn’t sound very exciting,” she said. She told me all about her upcoming school activities. To mark the last week of