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The Jacksons

“It’s like living in Narnia!” Brady Jackson stomped the snow off of his boots in the entry of the Jackson’s house, and then reached out to help his wife, Amanda, out of her coat. “This winter is just endless!” “It’s worse than Narnia,” said Andrew from his seat at the dining room table. “It may

Let’s try to waste less food

Have you thrown out any food recently? Did you find less-than-appetizing food hiding in your refrigerator? Was it in an opaque container that may have startled you when you opened it to view the contents? Have you happened upon food well past its “use by” date in your cupboard or refrigerator? If you discarded food

Egypt to boost wheat storage, crack down on smuggling

Reuters / Egypt wants to double the capacity of its wheat silos in the next three or four years and is considering changing a bread-subsidy mechanism to prevent smuggling or illegal trade in subsidized grain. Egypt’s new government has been looking at ways to better target subsidies and reduce waste as it seeks to plug

One noisy hitchhiker

After coming home from a camping trip, my husband and I discovered a stowaway had concealed his presence by hiding in some blankets our grandkids used in their tent. He didn’t let out a peep until darkness fell, and then just when overnight visitors were bedded down in the rec room, someone exclaimed, “There’s a

Tips and questions

Dear Reena, I just discovered a method for freezing peaches and it is a wonderful time and mess saver. This works the same way as freezing whole tomatoes and it is so easy! Just freeze the whole peach, with skin and all, and when it is time to use it, run it under hot water

Annual food safety reminder

Many of us have fond memories of family picnics and outdoor cooking from childhood. All you needed was a blanket and some food and you could set up a picnic on your lawn, at a park or even in the living room in the winter. Today, grills are prominent features on most patios and decks.

Retirement looms for many rural self-employed

Statistics Canada analysis shows many lawyers, accountants and other key service 
providers will be at retirement age in next decade in rural Canada

The wave of retirements expected to roll across rural Canada in the next decade won’t just affect the farmers in your community. Rural and small-town Canada could have fewer lawyers, accountants, doctors and funeral directors too, according to a recent analysis of the ages of those self-employed outside bigger centres. About one in every four

From cleaning stippled ceilings to stoneware

Dear Reena, Our daughters are backpacking in Europe and they have asked us how to remove the smell from their microfibre towels. Washing them (likely by hand) is not doing the trick. — Thanks, Guy Guy, The first suggestion for the girls is to leave the towels on a line to dry after each use

Full steam ahead for Portage food processor

The founder of a Portage la Prairie company that uses culled fruits and veggies for baby foods, soups and other foods expects to create 60 new jobs after receiving a $2.5-million federal government loan. Kelly Beaulieu said her company, Canadian Prairie Garden Purée Products, will also utilize large amounts of “less than eye perfect” fruits

Healthier diet, less health-care spending

With a dose of government co-operation, Canada’s fruit and vegetable growers believe they can help cure the country’s health-care spending epidemic. Horticulture for Health, or Hort4Health as it likes to bill itself, is a working group of farmers, retailers, food processors and input suppliers that sprouted out of Agriculture Canada’s horticulture value chain roundtable. The