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Broiler chickens are so distinct from earlier chickens they’re an unmistakable signal of man’s effect on nature.

Chickens herald of the Anthropocene era

Consumption of chickens signals new geological epoch, according to research led by the University of Leicester

There’s a proposal to declare a new man-made geological period to be dubbed the “Anthropocene” in recognition of human influence. Research by scientist Carys Bennett of the University of Leicester suggests breeding and consumption of modern broiler chickens signals the shift. “As the most numerous terrestrial vertebrate species on the planet, with a biology shaped

Eighty-two-year-old Thornhill farmer David Lumgair, pictured here with his farm dog Rodger, says fossil discoveries on his farm over the years have made him think about the future of life on earth too.

The farmer and the fossil

David Lumgair’s Thornhill-area farm is the site of significant fossil finds from the 
Cretaceous period including a newly identified flightless bird now named in his honour

It isn’t every day a farmer is asked if a fossil can be named after him. But that was exactly what staff from the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre were asking retired southern Manitoba farmer David Lumgair earlier this month. Paleontologists had discovered a new species from a fossil found on his farm in 1978. They