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This great horned owl was at the festival last year.

2018 declared the Year of the Bird

A good way to celebrate is by attending La Rivière’s Raptor Festival

This year has been declared the Year of the Bird. National Geographic, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and over 100 other organizations have announced this as a way to mark the centennial of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. This bird-protection law was passed 100 years ago, and the centennial is an occasion to recommit to

Great grey owl.

Get ready for the Christmas Bird Count

This annual event has become a holiday tradition for birders

It’s almost that time of year again — for religious observances, holiday celebrations and family get-togethers. But for birders, it’s also time for the annual Christmas bird counts, a tradition that has been carried out since the first one was held on Christmas Day in 1900. Prior to that, it had been a custom to

The ruby-throated hummingbird migrates from Central America — a distance of up to 6,000 km.

Long-distance flyers

Many migrating birds travel an astonishing number of kilometres and some even make the trip non-stop

It’s migration time, not just for “Canadian snowbirds” returning from a winter in the southern U.S. or Mexico, but for actual birds returning north for the nesting season. April and May are prime months for migrating birds to reach Manitoba, although a few early species may appear in March, and late ones in June. Horned

If you feed the birds why not record the visitors that you’re getting?

Time to count some birds

Annual event is this month and you could contribute some valuable information

Do you put out food for birds in winter? If so, why not take part in the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC), an annual four-day count held in February each year? This year it will take place February 12 to 15 (the Louis Riel holiday weekend). The Great Backyard Bird Count has been held throughout

What will your choice be for Canada’s national bird?

Time to choose a national bird

Canada doesn't have one yet but plans are underway so get your vote in

Canada does not yet have a national bird — yet. There’s the beaver, the national animal; the maple, the national tree; and the Canadian horse, the national horse. But a national bird? Nothing has been designated. However, there are plans underway to remedy this, and you can take part in choosing what bird is selected.

Robin on nest

Why do some songbirds warm eggs longer than others?

Birds with a short lifespan put more effort into incubating their young

The amount of care parents provide their young varies greatly across the animal kingdom, particularly among songbird species, who spend anywhere from 20 per cent to nearly 100 per cent of daylight hours warming eggs in their nests. A team of researchers led by Thomas Martin, senior scientist and professor at UM’s Montana Cooperative Wildlife

Adult bald eagle in flight

A good time to watch for eagles

Bald eagles usually migrate south in October so be on the lookout for these majestic birds

Autumn is a good time to watch for raptors such as eagles, but sometimes it can be confusing as to which species one is seeing, especially if the bird is a juvenile one. Manitoba has both the golden eagle and the better-known bald eagle. My husband and I have seen both species this fall —

barn swallows on a fence

Volunteer birdwatchers keep tabs on local species

The Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas is a scientifically designed, five-year project to assess the status, distribution and abundance of bird species that breed within Manitoba

A five-year effort to identify breeding bird species in Manitoba has confirmed golden eagles are back, snowy egrets have made unexpected appearances, and several species of native grassland birds are all but gone from most of agro-Manitoba. “We’re certainly seeing things that are indications of change,” says Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas co-ordinator Christian Artuso, who

A barn swallow with hungry babies.

Species at risk

Both the barn and bank swallows are on this list in Manitoba

If you live in rural Manitoba, you are probably familiar with the various types of swallows that spend their summers here: the dark-green and white tree swallow which nests in boxes or cavities; cliff swallows which nest in colonies under bridges or occasionally on barns; the smaller light- and dark-grey bank swallow which tunnels into

The Jacksons

Rose Jackson placed a bookmark carefully between the pages of her book, then laid the book down on the end table as she curled her legs underneath herself on the couch and leaned up against Andrew, who was stretched out, legs resting on the old tapestry-covered ottoman, reading a section of the Saturday paper. A