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The Shakespeare location of Homestead Organics was purchased in 2016. (Homestead Organic photo)

Ontario organic grain buyer Homestead closing

One of the province’s leading organic retailers and buyers of organic grains will shut its doors Friday. Homestead Organics, founded and still run by organic driving force Tom Manley, will be sold off, likely in parts. The company said its Shakespeare, Ont. mill is in the process of being sold and will continue as an

Seed grains

Strong outlook for organic grain prices, panel says

Imports are keeping processor margins away from the brink, says panel

While conventional farmers fume about rail delays and falling prices, the organic sector is worried that supply shortages and sky-high prices may derail future growth. “I think most people know that in the market today, demand outstrips supply and that’s why we have the prices that we do,” said Ken Sabatier, a buyer for Grower’s