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Members of Hog Watch Manitoba hold a press conference in Winnipeg.

Hog production faces opposing ideologies

Hog Watch holds events opposing legislative changes, Manitoba Pork responds

Manitoba’s pork industry found itself treading on hostile ground at the University of Winnipeg on Sept. 21. Manitoba Pork Council chairman George Matheson stood up at a Hog Watch Manitoba event last week to refute some of the claims made by the activist group, including assertions that hog production is inhumane and poorly regulated. “Gestation

Sustainability equals profitability

Bigger doesn’t mean better and unconventional doesn’t mean unprofitable. In fact, Lisa Clouston of Spring Creek Farms, a holistic rancher and part-time social worker, thinks it’s time to toss those ideas aside when it comes to farming. “You need to look at your costs, your time, and quality of life … higher volume doesn’t mean

Briefs Feb. 23

La Broquerie farmer recognized Staff / La Broquerie farmer Gerry Dube has been honoured by the Manitoba Eco-Network for his efforts in sustainable agriculture. Dube was among four recipients of the annual Anne Lindsey Protecting Our Earth Awards Feb. 3. Dube was a founding member of the Organic Food Council of Manitoba as well as

Farm Mentorship:

Ashley Cot had begun to walk toward the tour bus that had brought her to visit the St. Claude-area dairy farm when she suddenly turned back. Could she ask just one more question, she politely asked farm owner Roger Philippe. For the past hour she d diligently taken notes, pausing occasionally to stoop and give

Rebate Proposal Backed By Organic Growers

The Manitoba Organic Alliance will meet with Agriculture Minister Stan Struthers this week to ask the province to subsidize the cost of organic certification for growers who only sell locally. The rebate proposal emerged from a discussion among growers at last week’s Growing Local Conference over how to assist smaller producers who can’t afford the

Urban Agriculture Growing In Winnipeg – for Sep. 23, 2010

The tomatoes are ripe, the salad greens have been sold and another growing season is nearly done at Almost Urban Vegetables in St. Norbert. Despite a fourth consecutive harvest under their belts, Bruce Berry and Marilyn Firth are reluctant to call their business a farm. It sounds a bit ostentatious. They prefer the term market

Organic Farm Dream Contest Winner Announced – for Aug. 19, 2010

An avid backyard gardener who dreams of setting up an organic greenhouse operation is the winner of the Manitoba Farm Mentorship’s “So You Want to be an Organic Farmer!” contest. Drew Bouchard, 21, is currently taking the Prairie Horticulture Certificate Program, specializing in greenhouse crop production. Upon being notified of his win, Bouchard promptly chose

Wanna Be A Farmer?

Manitoba Farm Mentorship is sponsoring a contest designed to draw wannabe organic farmers out of hiding. “We know you’re out there… you and other inspired, practical, hard-working, environmentally conscious young people who are thinking about local food farming as your chosen career. Well here’s a contest for you,” the organization says in a release. Entrants