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Canola oil is one of the better oil choices for any kitchen.

Time for an oil change?

Oils are generally more healthful than solid fats, but they can become rancid more quickly

Have you ever been startled by the unpleasant aroma of a previously opened container of oil or solid shortening? I have a recipe that works best with a particular type of solid shortening. I hadn’t made the recipe for several months, so I reached into the cupboard and pulled out the container. When I opened

Two Syrian women, in better times, partake of a celebratory 
feast of the rich and varied local cuisine  after a workshop on 
constructed wetlands in Damascus.

Ancient Syrian diet a delicious discovery

Gate to Plate: Shorbit Adas (Lentil Soup), Yakhanit Batata (Potato Stew)
, and Bharat (Syrian Spice)

The world continues to watch in horror as the conflict in Syria leaves so many hundreds of thousands dead and millions homeless, their cities and towns destroyed. Many Syrians now rely on emergency food assistance. The Canadian Foodgrains Bank, for example, has provided over $30 million of emergency food assistance since late 2012, to Syrians

potato salad

Safe food preservation advice comes early this year

Prairie Fare: Poached Turkey Salad with Fennel, Kale and Cashews

We have reached the time of year when church potlucks are plentiful and garages are cleared out to become open-air dining rooms for graduation parties. No one wants a special event with bountiful food and numerous guests to become a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, food prepared or stored unsafely can cause illness or even death.

tuna steak on a plate

Mediterranean diet cuts heart disease risk

You don’t have to live in Greece — a Prairie version is available

Greeks might be in debt, but their hearts are in good shape, according to a study released at American College of Cardiology’s 64th Annual Scientific Session in San Diego. Ekavi Georgousopoulou and Demosthenes B. Panagiotakos of Harokopio University in Athens studied a group of more than 2,500 Greek adults, ages 18 to 89, who closely

bowl of Minestrone soup

Drop those extra pounds – sensibly

Recipe Swap: Tried and True Minestrone, and Lentil Calzones

January is when we start to follow the ‘10 tips’ and ‘20 ways’ and ‘quickest ways’ to lose weight, and they all work miracles in no time, right? Wrong. For starters, we generally don’t stick with any plan, especially if it’s overly ambitious. As the saying goes, resolutions ‘go in one year and out the

Waldorf Berry Salad (see recipe below)

You can’t eat your lawn but…

Recipe Swap: Tomato and Zucchini Gratin and Waldorf Berry Salad

Is a lawn “beautiful?” Is a vegetable garden “ugly?” Or is it the other way around? It depends who you ask. A press release plinked into my mailbox from the folks with Food Matters Manitoba last week announcing their second annual Manitoba Garden Makeover Competition. It’s urging Manitobans to convert their lawns into an “edible