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Large oat production won’t move prices

MarketsFarm — While the most recent crop production report from Statistics Canada predicted significantly more oats than originally expected, prices will likely remain stable. Statistics Canada estimated 3.952 million tonnes of oats will be grown in 2019, up considerably from the 3.436 million tonnes produced in 2018. But low carryover stocks from previous years means

Attendees at the Crop Diagnostic School earlier in July pore over an oat crop at the Ian N. Morrisson Research Farm in Carman.

A thorn in the side of oat growers

Common buckthorn is a haven for crown rust spores over the winter and an easy source of infection if the farmer opts for a susceptible oat variety

Oat growers may want to gauge the distance to the nearest woody stream bed the next time they choose a variety. That’s one of the messages sent out during this year’s Crop Diagnostic School in Carman in the first two weeks of July. Why it matters: Manitoba’s most popular oat varieties have either been downgraded

Organic wheat varieties waiting in the registration gate

Registration trials will have to wait for farm-developed organic wheat varieties while changes are made to the proposed trial design

The University of Manitoba’s farm-based organic wheat-breeding program is ready to start towards commercialization, but the body responsible for recommending new genetics to the CFIA says there is still work to be done. Jamie Larsen, chair of the Prairie Recommending Committee for Wheat, Rye and Triticale (PRCWRT), says a proposed trial plan submitted this year

Dan and Fran DeRuyck stand in front of their recently reopened organic cleaning plant south of Treherne.

DeRuycks keep rolling with organic cleaning and milling

Dan and Fran DeRuyck hope to expand their customer base with their upgraded organic grain-cleaning plant, reopened earlier this year

Dan and Fran DeRuyck’s organic grain-cleaning plant is one of the first things a visitor sees when they arrive at Top of the Hill Farm, south of Treherne, Man. The large shed dominates the west side of the yard, bordered by bins which, on any given week, might be filled with anything from wheat, oats,

Oats are a versatile food that can be eaten at any meal or in snacks of all types.

Oats after breakfast

This healthy dietary choice doesn’t just have to be limited to the breakfast table

Hardly anyone says ‘porridge’ anymore. It’s a plain, old word, like grits or gruel or frumenty. For most of us it means, simply, boiled oats, a rather humble meal. Englishman Samuel Johnson, who had something to say about everything, once called oats “the grain, which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland

CBOT oat December 2016. (chart as of Nov. 18, 2016)

Drozd: Oat futures rally to a one-year high

Market Outlook: The increase might seem sudden but charts predicted upward movement

Oat futures at the CBOT experienced a 40 per cent gain from September 13 to October 28, 2016. The December 2016 oat futures rallied $.69 per bushel (all figures U.S. funds), going from a low of $1.71 to $2.40, a one-year high. The December oat futures contract had been in a major downtrend since it

Weeds are more obvious when looking at a wheat crop down (r) than looking at it sideways, says Manitoba Department of Agriculture weed specialist Jeanette Gaultier.

Recent rains help crops and weeds

Herbicide-resistant weeds make controlling weeds even harder

Most Manitoba farmers needed the rain, but wet fields have delayed weed spraying, says Manitoba Department of Agriculture weed specialist Jeanette Gaultier. Dry soils delay weed emergence, but the recent rains and warmer weather have triggered germination, creating a green carpet of weeds in some fields. “The crop is going to pop, but so are

XXRays Gang Plow and a combined harvester and thresher

Our History: September 1898

The XXRays Gang Plow advertised in the September 1898 issue of the Nor-West Farmer was said to penetrate “anything plowable, and draws 50 to 75 pounds lighter than other plows doing the same work.” The lifting spring was so powerful that “a 12 years old boy can easily operate it.” Among other machinery mentioned in

Clayton Robins opened his farm for a tour in mid-August to explain the benefits of his high-energy forage grazing system.

Putting grazing theory into practice

Clayton Robins suggests a grazing system of high-energy 
forage can hone the best gains while regenerating pastures

Following years of research and the publication of a Nuffield study, Clayton Robins is now seeing the results of implementing a high-energy forage system on his own farm. “The greatest hurdle to the forage-fed beef enterprise lies in the difficulty in providing an adequate level of diet energy, especially in the form of a low-cost