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Seed producer says vertical tillage is just the ticket

Greg Smith says vertical tillage has worked so well on his perennial grasses and alfalfa, 
he’s now using it for his grains and oilseed crops to manage residue

Looking to breathe new life into perennial seed crop stands? Consider vertical tillage. Beginning with his meadow fescue fields, forage seed producer Greg Smith began using vertical tillage two years ago to loosen up sod-bound fields and has been pleased with the results — higher yields in second- and even third-year plant stands. “Meadow fescue

Canine blood donors don’t seem to mind — maybe it’s because of the treats.  Photo: Brady Knight

They’re typical blood donors — except their tails are wagging

The Canadian Animal Blood Bank is a Manitoba initiative that, 
like its human equivalent, is a lifesaver for those in need

Byron doesn’t stop smiling. From the minute he rushes into the exam room of the Brandon Hills Veterinary Clinic and scrambles up onto the table, to when he makes a mad dash for the door 10 minutes later, there is a permanent grin on his face, his tail happily wagging behind him. It’s a good

Hay short after long winter, dry summer

Demand for Canadian hay south of the border has Manitoba farmers 
searching farther afield in order to feed their cattle this spring

A late spring and growing demand for cattle feed has depleted hay stocks across the province, leaving many beef producers paying more and travelling farther to find what they need. “We normally buy our hay locally, just 10 or 15 miles from home. But this year we’ve had to bring it in 250 miles from

Hitting the sweet spot

If Calvin Vaags has his way, Manitoba will have a federally inspected ruminant slaughter plant capable of handling 1,000 head per week up and running within a year. After three years of preparation, work has started on a $13-million expansion at Plains Processors, a small processing plant with a capacity of 80 head per week

4-H Reports – for May. 12, 2011

TheCo-operatorwill publish 4-H reports once a month. Reports can be submitted by the third week of the month by email to [email protected], by regular mail to 4-H Reports, c/oManitoba Co-operator,1666 Dublin Ave., Winnipeg, Man. R3H 0H1 or by fax to 204-954-1422. ANOLA NORTHERN LIGHTS The club’s year started off as usual with a pizza party

In Brief… – for Apr. 21, 2011

Food safety chair:Is our food safe to eat? A new Chair in Food Safety the first of its kind in Canada puts McGill University at the head of the table in seeking answers to that question. The chair will undertake collaborative research, offer undergraduate and graduate teaching programs, and provide the independent, third-party expertise on

Cactus Growing Made Easy

Why not create a “desert garden” by growing cacti? They are hardy, easy to care for and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Though easy to care for, cactus plants are quite particular in their wants and if you grow them you must be familiar with their natural environment. They originate in some

Farmers Open Their Gates Sunday – for Sep. 16, 2010

Farmers who’ve agreed to participate in Manitoba’s first Open Farm Day will be watching their driveways for arriving visitors this Sunday. Last week Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI) extended an invitation to all Manitobans to spend Sept. 19 dropping in to see some 35 farms whose owners agreed to open their gates to

Agri-Mart Outlets Rebranded – for Sep. 9, 2010

Horizon Livestock and Poultry Supply is the new name for the three Agri-Mart Livestock and Poultry Products outlets in Steinbach, Niverville and St. Boniface. “With the new Horizon brand, we can now bring greater coverage, product offering, value pricing and reach to the Manitoba livestock industry,” said general manager Dan Brewin in announcing the change