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Letters – for Oct. 27, 2011

We welcome readers comments on issues that have been covered in the Manitoba Co-operator.In most cases we cannot accept open letters or copies of letters which have been sent to several publications. Letters are subject to editing for length or taste. We suggest a maximum of about 300 words. Please forward letters to ManitobaCo-operator, 1666DublinAve.,Winnipeg,

What Do We Expect?

While many in rural areas expressed dismay at Manitoba s most recent election results, no one should be surprised. The results underscore the deepening urban-rural split in this province, a polarization that is both political and geographical. It s a polarity that is gradually disenfranchising rural Manitoba, as it reinforces the reality that any party

Fourth Straight Majority

NDP Wins Manitoba s incumbent Ag Minister Stan Struthers is among provincial lawmakers headed back to their seats in the legislature in Winnipeg in the wake of a fourth majority government in a row for the New Democrats. Struthers, a school teacher and high school principal before entering politics, was named ag minister in 2009

Like A Light Bulb

It may sound strange, and it is not meant to be disrespectful, but when I think of Jack Layton, I think of a light bulb. It has nothing to do with how his shiny bald head sparkled under the studio lights. Layton was like one of those incandescent bulbs that shines brighter than ever, just

Familiar Faces On New Ag Committee

The Commons agriculture committee will hold its first meeting of the new Parliament June 21 and it’s generally expected Larry Miller will be re-elected chairman. Joining him on the Conservative side will Pierre Lemieux from Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, the parliamentary secretary for agriculture, and Ben Lobb from Huron-Bruce. Randy Hoback from Saskatchewan, LaVar Payne and Brian Storseth

Atamanenko Stands Pat, Easter Goes International

Passed over for the post as the NDP’s official agriculture critic, Alex Atamanenko says he plans to remain active on the Commons agriculture committee. Meanwhile, Wayne Easter, the Liberal’s long-time farm spokesman, is going international to serve as the party’s trade critic. But he promises to keep up-to-date on agriculture issues. Atamanenko said he was

Making Election Hay

Although some were cautious in their praise, few in the farming community had any quibbles with the special compensation package the province announced to help farmers cope with losses related to flooding and livestock lost in the late-April blizzard. And rightly so. The package, at least on the surface, is comprehensive and goes beyond what

Atamanenko Takes Motion To End C-474 Hearings Personally

Norma l l y, mot ions such as the one to extend hearings on Bill C-474, are rubber stamped by Parliament. But Alex Atamanenko, the NDP MP for B.C. Southern Interior, says the Conservatives engineered the motion’s defeat in the House of Commons Oct. 27. Atamanenko, who is a member of the House of Commons’

Liberals Step Up Gun Registry Pressure – for Sep. 16, 2010

With the Commons heading toward a Sept. 22 shootout over Conservative plans to scrap the long-gun registry, the Liberals are stepping up the pressure to reform it instead. Liberal MP Frank Valeriote of Guelph, one of the party’s leading MPs on the Commons agriculture committee, didn’t mince words objecting to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s unbending

Easter Critical Of Leaders For Not Defending Members

Liberal Agriculture Critic Wayne Easter says the leadership within Canada’s hog and cattle industries isn’t doing enough to defend producers from inadequate government action. “For the life of me I don’t know why the hog and beef industry isn’t standing up for themselves,” the Prince Edward Island MP told the 40th annual meeting of the