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Capture more profit by feeding cattle to finish

Capture more profit by feeding cattle to finish

Our History: August 1983

The Manitoba Beef Commission, a marketing agency established by the NDP government in the late 1970s, ran this ad in our August 18, 1983 issue. It encouraged cattle producers to capture more profit by feeding their animals to finish, and offered marketing assistance plus financing assistance through MACC. The Manitoba Cattle Producers Association and the

Manitoba premier-elect Brian Pallister grew up on a farm near Edwin, Man., and that could make him a sympathetic audience on farm issues.

Farmers welcome a premier with rural roots

Brian Pallister grew up on the family farm near Edwin and still has relatives farming

Manitoba’s electoral map turned blue April 19, and that could help rural and agricultural Manitoba, according to the head of the province’s general farm organization. Dan Mazier stressed that the Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) is non-partisan, but added that the new premier-elect’s rural roots growing up on a farm near Edwin likely won’t hurt the

Election 2016:  The parties’ response to rural and farm issues

Election 2016: The parties’ response to rural and farm issues

The Manitoba Co-operator put five questions to Manitoba’s registered political parties. Here is how they responded

QUESTION: Each year, Manitoba producers pay tens of thousands of dollars in education tax on their farmland. While farmers are eligible for an 80 per cent education tax rebate, that rebate is capped at $5,000, meaning larger operations are unable to claim much of the rebate. What is your party’s policy on farmland education tax rebates?

A dairy farmer walks with his cow during during a protest against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement in front of Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada September 29, 2015.

Federal candidates debate supply management as TPP talks continue

Opposition candidates repeatedly asked Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz why supply management is on the table

Representatives from Canada’s main parties met Wednesday to discuss agricultural policy ranging from risk management to transportation and rural infrastructure ahead of the Canadian federal election. But the hot button issue of the debate was supply management. As the debate was unfolding at the Château Laurier in Ottawa, leaders from the 12 Pacific Rim countries

An aerial view of the town of Birtle.

Canadian mayors launch vision for stronger hometowns

Mayors and councillors are calling for national debate on municipal issues

Mayors and municipal leaders, working with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), have unveiled a pre-election vision laying out the pressing needs of Canadian communities they want the next government to make a priority. Strengthening Canada’s Hometowns — A Roadmap for Strong Cities and Communities lays out a plan that would guide federal government in

No need to run for cover

No need to run for cover

Have we reached a "tipping point" on the issue of land drainage?

For farm writers who value their safety, there are usually two cardinal rules — don’t print anything bad about any breed of cattle, and don’t put good news on the front page (you get calls saying that we shouldn’t give the impression that farmers have lots of money). For Manitoba farm writers however, there is

Tories use ‘hoist motion’ to slow contentious bill passage

It’s not just seeding operations that are putting talk of municipal amalgamation on hold in rural Manitoba. The Manitoba Conservatives have introduced a “hoist” motion on the NDP’s Bill 33, the Municipal Modernization Act, requiring towns and rural municipalities with under 1,000 permanent residents to submit amalgamation plans by Dec. 1, 2013 to the province.

In all areas of life, education is the key to success. The same applies to the use of pesticides wherever the application takes place. In Manitoba, there is a lack of education to the general public on the use of urban lawn care products. This could lead to a draconian ban, limiting people’s options to

Letters, Feb. 28, 2013

We welcome readers’ comments on issues that have been covered in the Manitoba Co-operator. In most cases we cannot accept “open” letters or copies of letters which have been sent to several publications. Letters are subject to editing for length or taste. We suggest a maximum of about 300 words. Please forward letters to Manitoba

NDP, Liberals push for rail service bill

The NDP has introduced a bill that would require the railways to negotiate service agreements with their customers. The bill would essentially implement the provisions of the Rail Freight Service Review report, which called for a more balanced relationship between the carriers and shippers, said NDP Transport Critic Olivia Chow. The Liberals have also been