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“Land not paying for itself is more likely to occur now given the ratio of land prices to farm revenues...” – J.P. Gervais, Farm Credit Canada.

What’s the driving force behind Manitoba farmland values?

KAP is going over the Manitoba Farm Lands Ownership Act with a fine-tooth comb

The only way for a young person to acquire farmland, the joke goes, is through the church, since it takes a funeral or a wedding. An inheritance or marriage aren’t the only ways, but the quip underscores that high land prices make it difficult for beginning farmers. “It’s extremely frustrating for me and many young farmers in this area (near Elie,

Observation towers near Oak Lake will track shorebirds living in and passing through the area.

New towers to track shorebirds

Southwestern Manitoba a key stopping point in birds' annual migration

New tracking towers in southwestern Manitoba aim to aid the tracking of shorebirds passing through the area, which is considered a Prairie hot spot for the creatures. The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has installed three towers near Oak Lake, and another near Whitewater Lake. Antennae atop the towers collect signals from radio transmitters that

Manitoba Forage Council adds grasslands to name

The Manitoba Forage Council is planning to change its name to reflect the group’s broader focus on those who make their living from all kinds of grass. By calling itself the Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association, the group hopes to become better aligned with the goals of the recently formed Canadian Forage & Grassland Association.

Lack of biodiversity leaves ecosystems vulnerable

A study of long-standing pasture grasslands on southern Vancouver Island 
showed more diverse plots resisted woody plant invasions

You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s collapsed.” That’s how University of Guelph integrative biologists might recast a line from an iconic folk tune for their new research paper warning about the perils of ecosystem breakdown. Their research, published Feb. 5 as the cover story in Nature, suggests farmers and resource managers should not

Reeve slams province for not taking flood threat seriously

Sifton Reeve Rick Plaisier wants the premier to light a fire under his officials and 
deal with the threat posed by increased drainage in Saskatchewan

Fearing a repeat of 2011’s unprecedented flooding in the not-too-distant future, reeves representing southwestern Manitoba municipalities are demanding a meeting with Premier Greg Selinger to find out what is being done to prevent it. “What are they doing about water coming in from Saskatchewan?” asked Rick Plaisier, reeve of the RM of Sifton. “Are they

Oak Lake Sandhills a biodiversity hot spot

Although few people have heard about it, the Oak Lake Sandhills and Wetlands Natural Area is one of the most fragile and valuable natural landscapes in the entire province. Now a local family has permanently protected a portion of this diverse habitat. “I like to protect nature,” said Tim Mowez, a Virden resident and landowner.

Fort Ellice site sold to Nature Conservancy of Canada

The historic Fort Ellice site and 3,500 acres of farmland owned by Arthur and Christine Fouillard of St. Lazare has been sold to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). Kevin Teneycke, Brandon-based director of conservation for NCC, said that property was acquired in late June. Now known as the HBC Reserve, the parcel near St.

Couple protects property through NCC

The “privacy” signs on the gates belie the friendly and welcoming couple whose acreage is just south of Stuart Lake in the Rural Municipality of Park. Fred and Karen Crivea live on their 39-acre hobby farm surrounded by their horses, kittens, rabbits and dogs. Like many of us who live rurally, the Criveas cherish the

Couple Partners With NCC To Protect Land

for Nature conservancy of canada A recently erected fieldstone cairn is a monument to the family of Joe and Natalie Kucher and commemorates the history of and contributions made by their family in the Onanole area. Joe Kucher immigrated to Canada from Bohemia (now Austria and the Czech Republic) and together, in 1920, he and

Inglis-Area Farmer Preserves Land In Its Natural State

Future generations will be able to appreciate the beautiful landscape and varied wildlife in this area northwest of Riding Mountain National Park, thanks to a partnership between the Nature Conservancy of Canada and a retired Inglis-area cattle producer. Protecting the habitat in the Riding Mountain Aspen Parkland is important for future generations, according to the