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A storm last Thanksgiving weekend brought a lot of snow, and a lot of headaches.

AMM calls on province to pitch in on disaster funding after storm

Manitoba’s Thanksgiving surprise was an expensive one for municipalities

[UPDATED: Nov. 14, 2019] Municipalities say the winter storm over the Thanksgiving weekend is going to cost them, and they’re looking to the province for help. The Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) has formally requested a disaster financial assistance program for its impacted members in light of storm cleanup costs. Why it matters: An early storm last month

A combination of late planting and soggy soils can create a host of problems.

Comment: Looks like 2019 is one of THOSE years

While the Canadian Prairies are dry, the U.S. is struggling with very wet conditions

For many of us, certain years are permanently imprinted in the brain: 1983, 1993, 1995. While rainfall is generally welcomed, there are those years when one wishes that it would just hold off long enough to get the crop in the ground. Surely 2019 is destined to join that company. Worse than that, it looks

Some bulk shipments, including fertilizer, are on hold until flooding on the Mississippi River subsides.

Stalled shipments latest blow to U.S. farmers

Transportation woes are the latest headache in a sector plagued by slumping profits

Farm supplier CHS has dozens of barges, loaded with fertilizer, trapped on the flood-swollen Mississippi River near St. Louis — about 500 miles from the company’s two Minnesota distribution hubs. The barges can’t move — or get crucial nutrients to corn farmers for the spring planting season — because river locks on the main U.S.

Crumbling river infrastructure is putting pressure on the ability of the U.S. to meet grain market demand.

Wooden dams and river jams: U.S. strains to ship record grains

In a story familiar to Prairie farmers, the U.S. grain-handling system is creaking under a heavy load

America’s worst traffic jam this fall occurred on the Ohio River, where a line of about 50 miles of boats hauling grains and other products turned into a water-borne parking lot, as ship captains waited for the river to reopen. Such delays are worsening on the nation’s waterways, which are critical to commerce for the

Soybean Field

Opinion: Are U.S. soybean exports meeting market expectations?

Although robust world soybean demand and competitive advantages have allowed the United States to surpass early-season export forecasts for four years in a row, market watchers wonder if this is the year that will break the mould. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s weekly soybean export figures have consistently met or exceeded analyst estimates so far.

A mulch of dry leaves helps protect a perennial border.

Protecting plants from winter damage

You’ll be glad you did when you see healthy plants come back in the spring

Late October/early November is the ideal time to plan on how you are going to protect vulnerable plants from our severe winter. The first step has hopefully already been taken where you have chosen most of your plants that are hardy to your climate zone. Many gardeners, however, like to try a few “challenging” plants

USDA forecast puts soybeans in uncharted territory

USDA forecast puts soybeans in uncharted territory

Acreage is up but production down in the latest USDA monthly crop production report

Just when analysts thought they had figured out the pattern in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s U.S. soybean forecasts, the agency’s latest estimate broke form and created even more uncertainty in the market. In its monthly U.S. crop production report on Oct. 19, USDA increased harvested area of the oilseed by 740,000 acres but lowered

It was a tough growing season and potato harvest but in the end, growers saw good yields.

Good potato yields despite challenging year

A dry summer required a lot of irrigation 
and was followed by a dry fall that 
delayed digging

Many Manitoba potato growers faced nail-biting times this autumn as they struggled to get the crop off. In the end, however, yields are expected to be similar to last year. Dave Sawatzky, manager of Keystone Potato Producers Association, said he predicts yields will roughly be on par or slightly better than 2016’s harvest, when Manitoba

A look at snow and super-cooled water

The water in our atmosphere has to be colder than 0 C before it’s cold enough to freeze

As we slowly work our way toward winter and several locations across the Prairies have seen snow, I thought it might be time to revisit the icy topic of snow. Instead of jumping straight into our discussion we’ll look at the process that creates precipitation in cold clouds, which, in our part of the world,

Health Canada had no herbicide drift complaints from Manitoba

That includes the herbicide dicamba, which has triggered many drift complaints in the U.S.

Health Canada has not received any herbicide drift complaints in Manitoba this season, including related to dicamba, André Gagnon, a media relations officer serving Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada, said in an email Sept. 12. That contrasts sharply with the United States where the University of Missouri says 3.1 million acres