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This map shows precipitation percentiles across the Prairies during the last half of the year ending Aug. 12. Three regions have been experiencing long-term dry conditions. The driest regions are found across central parts of agricultural Manitoba, southern Alberta and far-northern Alberta. The wettest regions are found across central Alberta and, to some degree, in south-central Saskatchewan.

Prairie rainfall: Too much and too little

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of big weather stories currently going on in our part of the world, but is that really true? Sure, the weather overall this summer has been fairly quiet, with no massive storms or heat waves, but there has been a weather story that has been slowly building and

Despite El Niño coming to an end earlier this year, the globe still appears to be running a temperature.

Warm global temperatures and La Niña

Usually La Niña means colder temperatures but this is a weak one

I figured it was time to review what has been going on with global temperatures over the last few months. Despite El Niño coming to an end earlier this year, the globe still appears to be running a temperature. September came in as the fourth-warmest September on record according to both NOAA and NASA, while

Another growing season comes to an end

A dry summer generally left workable soils, even after September’s wet second half

Another month has come and gone and it’s time to look back at our weather so far this fall. To start off, we saw the end of the growing season across most regions last week, as temperatures fell just below freezing last Thursday morning. I know at my place the thermometer measured an overnight low

Global and regional temperature anomalies

Globally, 2015 was the warmest year, 
at 0.9 C above the 20th-century average

In my previous article, I finished by saying I would hopefully be able to continue our look back at 2015 by exploring some of the top weather stories from our part of the world. Between then and now, both NOAA and NASA released their 2015 global temperature data and I figured we should spend some

U.S. winter weather to see El Niño’s influence

U.S. winter weather to see El Niño’s influence

Northern-tier states are expected to be warmer, drier than normal

Much of the U.S. South can expect a cooler and wetter winter, while warmer-than-usual temperatures are likely across many northern and western states, as a strong El Niño weather pattern shaped a government weather outlook issued Oct. 15. More rain and snow are likely across the nation’s southern regions, extending from central California to Texas

Take steps to adapt to climate change: Vilsack

Excerpt from a speech by U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to the National Press Club in Washington, June 5, 2013. I’m the secretary of agriculture, and I am not here today to give a scientific lecture on climate change. I’m here to tell you what we’re seeing on the ground. We’re seeing more severe storms.

U.S. corn prospects threatened as drought lingers in the west

Most of the top corn-producing states in the western half of the Midwest are suffering from much worse drought conditions than a year ago and so are heading into the spring planting season with historically dry soils

Reuters / The recent spell of rain and snow across much of the United States has raised expectations that overall field conditions are recovering from last year’s drought and that the crops planted this spring will get off to a strong start with access to adequate moisture reserves. But despite appearances, the grip of last

Impact of climate change hitting home, U.S. report finds

Reuters / The consequences of climate change are now hitting the United States on several fronts, including health, infrastructure, water supply, agriculture and especially more frequent severe weather, a congressionally mandated study has concluded. A draft of the U.S. National Climate Assessment, released Jan. 11, said observable change to the climate in the past half-century

Now anyone can be a weather forecaster

The Weather Underground Internet site gives amateurs the tools they need to create their own localized forecasts

It’s been awhile since I’ve discussed weather-related websites, and I figured it was about time to share one of my favourites — The Weather Underground ( The Weather Underground is literally the first-ever Internet weather website, and I think it is the best weather website out there. I figured the best way to introduce you

Problems trying to create winter forecast

Last issue we took a quick look at the different factors that must be taken into account when trying to create a long-range winter weather forecast. For those of you who missed the article, I think it’s easy to summarize it by saying — trying to make a long-range forecast is so complicated that you