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China Unprepared For Increasing Urbanization

Beijing/Reuters More than 100 million rural Chinese people will settle in towns and cities in the next decade, testing provision of welfare and services as a new generation of migrants turn their backs on farming, according to a new government report. The National Population and Family Planning Commission report forecast that by 2020, China s

Seven Good Years For China

China’s 2010 grain harvest rose for the seventh year in a row with total output at a record 546.41 million tonnes, up 2.9 per cent from last year, the National Bureau of Statistics said Dec. 3. The bureau attributed the bumper harvest to good weather, particularly in the four northeast provinces, the country’s major grain

Meeting China Grain Demand A Tough Task

China faces a “formidable” task in meeting demand for grains such as rice, wheat and corn in the next decade, Agriculture Minister Han Changfu was quoted as saying July 4. Han said China’s urbanization and rising living standards would push national grain demand to more than 572.5 million tonnes by 2020. Last year it harvested

In Brief… – for Jun. 24, 2010

Butt out and keep your hands on the wheel: As of July 15, drivers caught texting or using hand-held cellphones while operating a motor vehicle face a $191 fine, Highways Minister Steve Ashton has announced. That’s when amendments to the Highway Traffic Act approved last year take effect. Use of hands-free devices and 911 calls

Record pork purchases by China

China in 2008 bought from around the world the most pork ever by a single country, which eclipsed the 2005 record set by Japan, the U. S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) said Feb. 3. However, because of increased pork production in China, the USMEF doubts that record will be matched in 2009. Based on import