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One type of mosquito, the Culex tarsal, spreads WNV to horses and humans and this species usually appears later in the summer season.

West Nile virus revisits horses in the Prairies

Horse Health: There can be cycles of this disease, which are subject to a complex interplay

Since the first horse was detected with West Nile virus (WNV) in Canada in 2002 the prevalence of the disease has cycled annually through peaks and troughs. The initial peak prevalence occurred in 2003 following its introduction. In the following years much fewer cases were reported until 2007 when the incidence of the disease spiked

Mary-Lou and John Hughes were always careful to avoid mosquito bites, but say it never 
crossed their minds how serious an illness from West Nile virus could get.

Roland reeve recovering from severe West Nile virus

John Hughes spent 13 months in hospital after developing the most serious form of West Nile virus in September 2016

A Roland man who spent 13 months in hospital following a West Nile virus (WNV) infection hopes some normalcy returns to his life this year. “This year my goal is to be able to get up and onto my tractor, and mow my yard and walk around the house,” said John Hughes, husband and father

Mosquitoes develop resistance to DDT

Mosquitoes develop resistance to DDT

Our History: August 1952

We’re not certain whether the “Big Stinky” fly trap advertised in our Aug. 7, 1952 issue lived up to its claims, but we hope the bottles of fluid were well packed when being mailed from Toronto. The ad was below a story which said that while some mosquitoes in the U.S. had developed resistance to

Bothered by flies?

Most of us instinctively despise the feeling of flies walking around on us with their sticky little feet. I know I do. There is mounting evidence in the scientific community that flies are not only a pest but also certain flies such as deer flies and horseflies could act as a carrier of Lyme disease,

Mosquito plant — fact or myth?

We have all heard the term “urban myth” a term that describes stories and supposed occurrences that never really happened and are not true, although they are widely believed to have happened or be true. Maybe we should coin a new phrase, “garden myth,” to encompass some of the things that gardeners believe even though

Province supports improved flood forecasting

swan river, man. / The province will support a volunteer-based snow- and rainfall-monitoring network called the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network (CoCoRaHS) in Manitoba, which will provide more accurate and timely weather data to enhance flood forecasting, Premier Greg Selinger announced April 27. “Manitoba is always looking for ways to improve flood forecasting

In Brief… – for Jul. 22, 2010

New faces at the NFU: The Saskatoon-based National Farmers Union has a new administration after incumbents Darrin Qualman and Terry Pugh resigned to pursue other opportunities. Ross Hinther, a Saskatoon-area cattle and organic grains farmer, is the NFU’s new director of research. Kevin Wipf, formerly a political science and public policy instructor at the University