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Manitoba Metis Federation says moose hunting ban ignores rights

Manitoba Metis Federation says moose hunting ban ignores rights

A one-year extension of a moratorium on moose hunting in certain areas all about the moose: Pedersen

The Manitoba Metis Federation has indicated it’s prepared for a legal battle over members’ constitutional rights to hunt moose. “We are standing firm on our commitment to a balanced approach for Métis harvesters seeking moose meat to feed their families and elders, while limiting the number of animals taken,” said MMF president David Chartrand in

Night hunting has been explicitly outlawed in Manitoba. While Métis and Aboriginal rights remain, new rules require free permits in agro Manitoba, and some strict safety prohibitions.

New night hunting law now in effect

Law proclaimed makes night hunting explicitly illegal

A law which explicitly makes night hunting illegal and which adds more regulations to its enforcement has been proclaimed. “This has been a priority for MWF and our members,” said Manitoba Wildlife Federation in a statement. “Together with all stakeholders and the government, we have made enormous strides.” As amended, the Wildlife Act reads, “No person shall hunt

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Newfoundland farmers may shoot problem moose at night

Province to provide permits to qualified farmers

Moose causing crop damage on farms in Newfoundland and Labrador may now be shot by farmers at night under a new special permit system. Farmers dealing with “problem moose” can now apply for permits for night shooting, via provincial agriculture development officers in their areas, the provincial fisheries and land resources department said Thursday. The

The U.S. National Wildlife Health Center and U.S. Geological Survey produce this map of CWD’s current distribution in North America. The version shown here is current to Sept. 9, 2019. (

Deer heads required from Kootenay region for CWD tests

The discovery of chronic wasting disease in deer in northwestern Montana has officials in CWD-free British Columbia tightening their testing net. The province on Wednesday announced a mandatory sampling program, in which hunters must submit heads from mule deer and white-tailed deer harvested in wildlife management units 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, 4-4, 4-5, 4-6 and 4-7

Western leaders warn the province about the risks to the public associated with hunters shooting high-powered rifles at night. They also provided photos in a session with the minister of sustainable development of animals shot and left to rot.

Municipalities press for a night hunting ban: AMM

Minister of sustainable development met for an hour with 16 leaders from western Manitoba following Ministerial Forum at the Association of Manitoba Municipalities convention in Winnipeg last week

Scott Phillips didn’t mince words voicing his frustration at last week’s municipal convention about the night hunting that continues unabated in rural Manitoba. “Are you going to ban night hunting and are you going to do it right now?” the councillor from the RM of Sifton at Oak Lake asked an assembled provincial cabinet, during

moose in canola field

Moose on the move from forests to farmland

Sloughs provide shelter from the heat and fields provide good grub

A four-year University of Saskatchewan study has tracked the migration of moose from northern boreal forests to farmlands farther south. “Thirty years ago, seeing moose in the farmland of Saskatchewan would have been very rare but over time they have expanded to these new areas,” said Ryan Brook, a wildlife biologist with the university’s department

Fungus in your forage? Try moose drool

Fungus in your forage? Try moose drool

Moose saliva causes rapid decline in toxicity

York University researchers have found a surprisingly effective way to fight against a certain species of toxic grass fungus — moose saliva. Their paper published this month in Biology Letters shows that moose and reindeer saliva slows growth and reduces toxicity of a fungus in red fescue. “Plants have evolved defence mechanisms to protect themselves,

Eastern moose hunt suspended

Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship says it is temporarily closing all moose hunting in strategic areas north of Pine Falls and south of Bissett. The closure comes a year after licensed hunting was closed in Game Hunting Area (GHA) 26. Moose populations have declined by almost 50 per cent in this part of the province

Hunting Season Is Underway

The fall hunting season is underway for several species in many areas of the province and will continue through the winter, Conservation Minister Dave Chomiak said Nov. 3. Hunting helps manage and conserve our wildlife populations, provides recreational opportunities and helps prevent damage to agricultural crops and private property, said Chomiak. From white-tailed deer and