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Farm debt seems manageable, FCC head says

The agency holds close to a third of all farm debt in Canada

National farm debt could reach as high as $100 billion once all the figures for 2016 are in, but Mike Hoffort, CEO of Farm Credit Canada, says farmers are generally in a good financial situation. “Canadian agriculture is strong and stable,” he told the annual meeting of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture. However, farmers need

Four common foreign exchange myths

Gwen Paddock, senior director, agriculture at RBC is a specialist in agribusiness. Since earning her B.Sc. with a major in agriculture economics she has been working with agriculture clients. A farmer at heart, Paddock was raised on a beef cow-calf farm outside Guelph, Ont.

Big data and agriculture markets: Part 3

Options-based strategies can help get more out of a chaotic market filled with randomness and unpredictability

The previous article in this three-part series addressed some of the main myths and misperceptions of commodity hedging. This final segment looks at some practical solutions for improving farm marketing and commodity revenue protection. In David Orrell’s book Apollo’s Arrow: The Science of Prediction and the Future of Everything, he writes about the unpredictability and

MGEX spring wheat weekly nearby (chart as of Nov. 2, 2016)

Spring wheat futures stuck in a rut

MGEX spring wheat futures are rangebound and going nowhere fast

The nearby MGEX spring wheat futures have been stuck in a US$.60-per-bushel trading range since July 2015. Prices have thus far been unable to exceed resistance in the US$5.42 area, as the selling overcomes the buying. Subsequently, the US$4.82 level is proving to be support, an area where the buying picks up and the market

Editorial: Of interest

Ordinarily there’s not much interesting about interest rates. If things are functioning as they should, most of us rarely think about them. Anyone who does bring them up soon finds it’s a surefire topic to make a dinner companion’s eyes glaze over. But when they do get interesting, it’s rarely a good news story. Just

Grain profits tough to track

Although Viterra’s books are closed, its owner Glencore is publicly traded, giving the opportunity to gain some insight into the way the money flowed. Combing through them, ag economist Derek Brewin said he didn’t see irrefutable evidence of a windfall profit. But he also concedes he might have missed it. Despite marketing less grain in the

Municipalities want their PST money back

One level of government should not tax another, AMM delegates say

Municipalities pay millions in provincial sales tax (PST) and they want their money back. “The need for municipal dollars to be returned to the hands of municipalities is a resonating theme of this convention,” said Association of Manitoba Municipalities president Chris Goertzen at the opening of last week’s 17th annual convention here. At issue is

Farmers’ market vendors need to give customers more ways to pay

Customers buy more if they can use their credit cards

Farmers’ markets wanting to increase purchases by customers should consider accepting more than just cash or cheques as payment, according to Washington State University researchers. “Customers are willing to buy more if they have other payment options,” said Karina Gallardo, a WSU associate professor and extension specialist in the School of Economic Sciences. “They may

Canadian dollar June 2015: Chart as of April 29, 2015.

Drozd: Harami alerts producers to impending rally in the Canadian dollar

A harami that occurs at the end of a significant move down in price and time 
will have more reliability than any other place on a chart

The Canadian dollar has rallied nearly 600 basis points in the past six weeks. This rally may have come as a surprise to some people, but not to those studying candlestick charting. The Japanese are regarded as the true pioneers of candlestick charting. The Japanese method of charting is called candlestick because the individual lines